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1002 - Learning Genius Bar, Reading Out of Sequence, Your Ideas, Please!

Elliott Masie’s Learning TRENDS - June 28,  2018.
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Host: Learning 2018 - Nov 4 to 7 - Walt Disney World, Orlando, FL 

1. Learning Genius Bar for Learning Innovations!
2. Your Ideas, Experiences and Sessions, Please!
3. Reading Non Sequentially. 

1. Learning Genius Bar for Learning Innovations!  We are very excited to add a “Learning Genius Bar” at Learning 2018 - harnessing the expertise, experience and collaboration of our 2,000 global learning participants. 

Our “Genius” Volunteers will be organized by area of expertise (e.g. Design Models, xAPI, Mobile Tech, Assessment, Organizational Politics, Compliance, UserExperience, Facilitation, Leadership and more).   Learning 2018 Participants can reserve time at the Genius Bar as individuals or as a small group from a company with a common concern.  

We hope that you, and your team, will join us at Learning 2018 and benefit from our Genius Bar!  Learning 2018 details and Early Registration Discounts at 

2. Your Ideas, Experiences and Sessions, Please: Learning 2018 is Designed For and With YOU!  Be an active part of the design and activities at Learning 2018!  We already have over 70 sessions in development, but we want the input and thinking of our over 2,000 participants! 

We would love YOUR help in the Design and Development of the Content, Conversations, Experiences and more at Learning 2018!   We are now deep into the DESIGN of Learning 2018 – Elliott Masie’s 28th Annual Learning Conference – and we want to open up the thought and creative process to our learning colleagues. 

Please think about sessions, experiences, dialogues, labs, or learning activities that you want to LEAD or ATTEND at Learning 2018. And, this year we are adding a major addition – “Tech@Learning” – that will explore emerging technologies (from Chatbots to Smart Speakers to Immersive Realities). Please share your thoughts with us via a short form that will take less than 5 minutes to complete: 

Your ideas and input will help us shape the over 125 sessions, experiences, and activities at Learning 2018. After we receive your ideas, our Design Team will tag back to you in the coming weeks! 

PLEASE NOTE: Our sessions will be led by colleagues who are already planning to attend the event and not selling or marketing learning services or products. (If you are a learning supplier and would like to lead a session, sponsorships are still available. Contact Steve Rosenblum for more information at / 518-350-2224.) 

3. Reading Non Sequentially: Well, it is time for me to admit one of my “learning quirks”.  I am NOT a sequential reader. There is probably a psychological term for it - but I just can’t follow the front to end flow of any book - even fiction. 

Ever since I was a child, I always loved to “jump around” the table of contents.  I still will often read the last chapter in a mystery to determine if I want to go through the whole sequence.  Even though I write quite a few forwards to books, I wish the forward were in the middle.  

So, I am always wanting to give my learners in a program the ability to re-sequence content or to shift the flow.  Anyone else have my “condition” :)  Send me a note to 

Yours in learning, 

Elliott Masie
Twitter: @emasie   

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