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17 - The Price of Training is Changing!

Dear Readers: This is the week of visits to The MASIE Center. We're hosting folks from Allen Communication (Designer's Edge), Audible and Eloquent. This gives us a chance to see new and emerging products before
and as they hit the marketplace. We will provide screen shots, perspectives and previews of these products in our new Early Glance! feature. Regards, Elliott Masie

1. A TechLearn Early Glance!: New Quick HTML On-Line Learning Authoring Tool. Allen Communications showed us their new Net Synergy tool for the easy creation of HTML, browser based learning content. It is an add on to their Designer's Edge pre-authoring tool. We have a write up and look at screen shots at our Early Glance site:

2. Flash! Compaq Buys Digital. If you don't get a chance to look at breaking news during the day, check out the hot off the press release about the merger of Compaq and Digital. .

3. TechLearn '98 Task Forces Forming: We are building a series of 20 task forces to work on critical issues at TechLearn '98 (Orlando, Florida - November 15 to 18). These task forces will include: Skills Gap!, New Roles of Trainers, Creating Organizational Learning, Management Issues, Beyond Computer Training, Knowledge Management - What Does It Mean?, Training Burn-Out, Learning on the Road and a host of other topics. If you would like to propose a topic or volunteer to lead one of these task forces, please send an email to As always, TechLearn will be designed from the ground up to map to the interests of the learning, training and technology attendees.

4. The Price of Training is Changing! We've noticed the price of training (both products and services) in great flux in the past six months. There are areas where the demand is driving per day costs much higher. On the other hand, on-line learning content is struggling to maintain price points, as the value points of web delivered content are falling. What do you think? Go to our on-line chat room at and join the conversation. This topic will be a major focus of our Business of On-Line Learning Conference to be held in Seattle on March 30 and 31st. Details at

Registrations are now open for the next Road to On-Line Learning LAB & Seminar to be held in Saratoga Springs, New York on April 14 and 15th. This is an intensive, 14 hour lab and seminar that has been attended by over 1,200 technology and learning professionals. It is a VENDOR-NEUTRAL event. For registration information:

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