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80 - Special Report From Buffalo, NY: Training & Employment Conference

1. Microsoft NT To Change Name to Windows 2000: Say goodbye to the name NT. Microsoft today announced that starting with NT 5.0 the operating system, workstation and server technology will change it's name to Windows 2000.

NT Workstation 5.0 will become Windows 2000 Professional and will be designed for notebooks and desktops. NT 5.0 server will become Windows 2000 Server and will have features such as Active Directory and Kerberos security, which provides a secure mechanism for verifying the identity of E-mail users. NT 5.0 Enterprise Edition will be dubbed Windows 2000 Advanced Server and will include clustering technology and TCP load balancing.

"While we plan to ship the product in the Year 1999, the year 2000 is a big issue for our customers," said Brad Chase, Microsoft's vice president of Windows marketing and developer relations. "We want to signify that it's ready in a way that shows our customers that we're ready for Y2K. And we want to show that we're ready for the new millennium."

2. High Tech and High Touch Orientation Models: One of the most low expectation training activities is corporate orientation. Almost every training manager I have ever met has expressed frustration with orientations, wishing that they could be very different. Well, we decided to experiment on a few new models of orientation, ranging from high tech to high touch.

We will use 2 different models at TechLearn '98. As each participant arrives in Orlando, they will be asked to participate in two orientation programs for the Conference. The first will be a unique program that we have designed with the Disney Improvisation Comedy Troupe and Diane Hessan, a training veteran and co-author of "Customer Centered Growth". You will have a 45 minute improvisational theater experience covering the core elements of the TechLearn Conference and the strange world of trying to learn and stay fresh at a complex event. Participants will shape their expectations and build learning contracts in a high energy and even entertaining environment.

The other orientation model will be a cutting edge use of streamed video learning objects. Using the latest technology for building meta-tagged video objects, each participant will be able to get a briefing on the core learning components and Exploratorium resources on one of our 200 multi-media computers. Searchable and highly modularized information can be selected that will explain various elements of the Conference.
We will explain both models and their results in a future TechLearn Trends after the conference.

3. Street Technology to Deliver On-Line Learning to AOL Customers: In another indication of the growth of the commercial sector of On-Line Learning, Street Technologies today announced that they have been selected by AOL to be its primary anchor tenant for delivering online tutorial learning to its 14+ million members.

"AOL focuses on consumers, as well as the small business market. Street's extensive catalog was seen as having applicability for both segments, and as a result, can be seen in the Computing Channel for individual consumers, and on the WorkPlace Channel for small businesses that need day to day support. Users can also access the tutorials using Keyword: Computer Tutorials.", said Steve Gott, Vice President of Street Technologies.

Streets' Internet learning business model allows corporations to pay only for the courseware (pay-as-you-go), hosting and administration reporting are included free of charge. For more information see OR

4. TechLearn '98 Annual Report to Be Released on Thursday. We will be sending out our annual TechLearn Annual Report to all Trends readers on Thursday. This will be a special edition of the report and will also serve as background dialogue for the upcoming TechLearn Conference. In it we look at 10 key trends in the training, learning and technology fields. Watch for the report tomorrow as a text file and link on the website. If you would like to register for TechLearn '98 (November 15 to 18th in Orlando) just go to There are 175 spaces available and lots of inexpensive flights and hotels available.

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