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TechLearn Trends - Technology & Learning Updates
------ Countdown to TechLearn '98 -- 9 Days to Go! -----

1. Flash: TechLearn Seminars, Case Studies and Showcases Posted. If you are coming to TechLearn '98, or still trying to decide how big a team to bring, we have the Version 1.0 listing of our seminars, case studies, showcases and problem solutions sessions. We will post complete descriptions and faculty names on Tuesday, November 10th, 1998. Schedule can be found at

2. Favorite Learning, Training or On-Line Learning Examples: For both the Conference and for our readers, we want to make sure that we have the largest collection of learning links and on-line learning examples. I have put together our own list of several hundred which will be at the TechLearn Exploratorium and later on the web. If you have a favorite site, link or example of on-line learning, would you send me a note with it to We will post these later in December and live at the Conference.

3. Last Minute Registrations: Available & Flexible: In these days of "just in time" everything, it seems that many of our colleagues are deciding just in time to attend TechLearn '98 in 9 days (November 15 to 18th). We have reserved a block of spaces for last minute deciders, so get ready. If you go on line to we can process last minute (or even walk up) registrations. There are very affordable flights and hotel rooms still available at Disney. Join the 1,765 paid registrants for the event. Questions: Call 800-98-MASIE or 518-587-3522

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