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82 - HDTV Goes Live Today; Training Burnout Lowered With Method Diversity

1. HDTV Goes Live Today: High Density Television went live in the United States today, November 1st. While there are a few stations broadcasting in the HDTV format it will be a while before the average viewer will be tuning into a higher definition view. HDTV has great potential for the convergence of media formats, including the futuristic single viewing wall device in the home of tomorrow. But, watch for some training applications to evolve out of HDTV. Just as the recent Trends article pointed to DVD for new training titles, we will also start to see broadcast stations leveraging HDTV in the coming years for broader multi-image screens of content.

2. Women in Training Panel @ TechLearn '98: We are pleased to announce that there will be a high level panel at TechLearn entitled: Women in Training and Technology. Diane Hessan will host this panel, which consists of Marsha Kabakov from Microsoft; Marjorie Blanchard from Blanchard Training and Development; and Charlene Reiss from Paine Webber. These women will be joined by TechLearn participants for an open dialogue on the roles, hurdles and opportunities that face women in the training, learning and technology fields. Is there a "glass ceiling" for women in our field and what are tips from experienced female executives will be included in this dialogue.

3. Training Burnout Lowered With Method Diversity: A simple tip for lowering trainer burnout. Reach for multiple models of delivering the same class. The content may be the same but the class feels very different from the trainer point of view if the modules, sequences or learning activities get changed slightly. When I was a training manager, I developed a class planning form in which I had each of my trainers list at least one CHANGE they would implement each time they taught a class. It worked. Managers, be advocates of diversification to keep your trainers fresh.

4. Investing in Learning Market Session @ TechLearn '98: Lots of money is flowing into the training marketplace and Wall Street is watching. At TechLearn '98 we will have a session dedicated to a discussion of how people and companies are approaching the learning marketplace. We will get some views from analysts and also have a chance to share our best bets for riding the crest of the much touted hot market in learning and training products. There are still about 120 seats available at TechLearn 98 (Orlando, FL - November 15 to 18th). Just go to or call 800-98-MASIE. Affordable flights and hotels also available. See you in Orlando!

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