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22 - Develop Once - Use Many: Approach and Request

(Dear Readers: We are packing up to head for a stop in Washington, IBM in Atlanta and then the Training '98 Conference. If you are in Atlanta at that show, please stop by our booth after my keynote on Sunday Night. Watch for several major announcements during the week of new products and services. We will summarize them in a TechLearn Trends. Warm regards, Elliott Masie)

1. Learning in the Digital Age: We decided to "walk-the-talk" and provide an on-line video presentation of "Learning in the Digital Age", our new book to be published this fall by Jossey Bass. Watch a unique presentation model, using the Eloquent technology, of the video, rolling transcript and slides from this speech. Just go to to see the presentation. This is a 36 minute, text searchable audio-video presentation.

2. Early Glance: Meeting Tools from a Service Provider: We take a look at DataBeam's new Meeting Tools products. These allow you to host an on-line event (from a class to a meeting) using a service provider, without making a large technology investment. Go to for screen shots and details.

3. Develop Once - Use Many: Approach and Request: One of the major trends that is underway is a movement towards joint and rapid development of learning material that can be deployed in both a classroom and technology delivered format. We are advocating a Develop Once and Use Many Model. This means that the Instructional Design process proceeds without reference to the delivery system. Then, the content is "coded" or "authored" in a fashion that can be used and deployed easily for both classroom, intranet and CD ROM content. We are looking for a few places that are currently using such a program as an example site for one of our readers. If you are doing this process of development, would you please send me an email at

4. People on the Move! John Farrell, General Manager of IBM Education and Training has announced the appointment of Tom Ruttkamp to Chief Executive Officer of Catapult, Inc., a wholly-owned subsidiary of IBM Corporation. Ruttkamp will also have global responsibility for the end-user training segment. Tom is one of the most experienced folks in the IT Training field and brings a strong IBM perspective to his new role at Catapult.

Carolyn Rose, has been appointed CEO of a new training and certification venture, USWeb Learning. Carolyn was the leader of Novell Education and a pioneer in the areas of training and certification. USWeb Learning will emphasize a vendor-neutral curriculum that focuses on professional Internet skills and knowledge

5. Wall Street Focuses on On-Line Learning! We are getting about 2 calls a day from Wall Street companies and publications focusing on the Learning Marketplace as a hot area for investment and expansion. The public success of several IPO's in this area (CBT Systems and Learning Tree) as well as the investments by Knowledge Universe in PPI have put the spotlight on the training marketplace, with special emphasis on the On-Line Learning segment. We will have the Wall Street perspective included in our upcoming Busine$$ of On-Line Learning Conference to be held in Seattle on March 30 and 31st. (See for details.)

6. The Softer Side of IT Training: My current column in Computer Reseller News points towards the opportunity to blend Business, "Softer" and IT Skills. Locate it on the CRN Site:

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