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25 - Collaboration Marketplace to Reach $14 Billion by 2001; Train the Trainer Self Study Kit Launched by Friesen Kaye

1. Collaboration Marketplace to Reach $14 Billion by 2001. A recent study predicts steep growth in the collaboration marketplace, including groupware, internet meeting tools, audioconferencing and videoconferencing. The figure used is $15.7 billion in 2001, according to the study conducted for the Telecommunications Industry Association (TIA) and the MultiMedia Telecommunications Association (MMTA). The MASIE Center believes that the Collaboration Marketplace, which will either include or parallel the on-line learning marketplace, is an wider view of the role of technology in organizational learning and knowledge management. To obtain more information about the study, go to

The larger role of collaboration, linking of associates, clients and customers for transactions, work process and learning is a logical destination of computing. Most people don't compute with their desktop and laptop machines, they communicate and collaborate. We will need to build the skills of on-line collaboration, rather than just drop ship the technology into an organization and assume that individuals will change their work processes. It will take considerable training and coaching to make the leap to new models of on-line collaboration. We would suggest that the training and learning leaders in each organization grab the Collaboration label for their use and influence within the enterprise.

2. Train the Trainer Self Study Kit Launched by Friesen Kaye. We recently field tested a new self-study product for trainers entitled "Trainer Certification Coach" from Friesen, Kaye and Associates. It is a very comprehensive and detailed train the trainer or refresh the trainer program. It provides video demonstration of key skills and techniques required for instructional excellence. A self-assessment guide included with the tool, gives you the opportunity to compare your instructional skills with the expert's example and to evaluate it against the certification standards required by The Certified Professional Development Trainer and The Certified Technical Trainer Programs. I was impressed with the depth and range of feedback and coaching that this program provides. The cost is $299 and details are available at their web site

3. The Stolen Laptop Saga Continues: Well, my stolen laptop was not found, but we have received over 100 messages of condolences from TechLearn Trends readers (even a set of condolence flowers from some colleagues at Microsoft.) My mailbox is loaded with tips and war stories for laptop users.

- There are several automatic, on-line backup services for laptop.
- Build a complete password protection of the entire unit at the systems level.
- Handcuff the laptop to your body (a bit extreme but I can understand the intent.)
- Watch laptops very carefully when going through airport security, at telephones and on planes.
- Don't leave key valuables in rental car trunks.
- Check out "sniffer" programs that dial back home when modems are used without passwords.
- Change from logo oriented laptop bags that announce your investment.

Thanks for your concern and tips.

4. MASIE Center Meetings in Middle East, Asia and Africa: The next several TechLearn Trends will come from Abu Dhabi (United Arab Emirates), Singapore, Melbourne and Hong Kong We are working in these areas with HR, Training and Technology groups to focus on the next stages of on-line learning, collaboration and technology in the workplace. We'll send along interviews and clips from these conferences and global leaders. If you are located in these areas and would like to meet up for a cup of coffee and chat, please send an email to Watch for TechLearn events and conferences in these countries in the near future.

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