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31 - Asymetrix Files Public Offering

1. TechLearn LIVE! Today on Real Video: 15,000 training, learning and technology professionals will be gathering today, digitally, for TechLearn LIVE! This broadcast will include senior executives from The White House, Department of Defense, Microsoft, IBM, Oracle, Department of Labor, Allen Communications, CEdMA and other key organizations. Hosted by Elliott Masie, the 3 hour broadcast will focus on the key issues created when learning and technology meet. You can view this broadcast LIVE on the internet, via Real Video. Just go to for the links to this free broadcast. You will need to download the Real Player free from this site and you can start viewing at 9:15 AM Pacific Time, 12:15 PM Eastern Time. There will also be an archive of the broadcast for future viewing.

2. Asymetrix Files Public Offering. Asymetrix Learning Services filed for an IPO, pubic offering, yesterday. This was announced at our Business of On-Line Learning. The actual release of the shares is still another 30 to 60 days away after SEC review. Asymetrix's investors include Paul Allen, one of the founders of Microsoft. In recent months, Asymetrix has expanded beyond it's authoring tools, Toolbook, into the services side of on-line learning industry. This is one of several new public offerings that are coming to the market this year from the learning and training industry.

Note.. Today's TechLearn Trends is brief, as we are in Seattle, preparing for the TechLearn LIVE! Broadcast in a few hours. More to follow on Friday. Hope to see you on the broadcast. Regards, Elliott Masie

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