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40 - Money Back Guarantee on Driver's Education Via Technology; Content Capturing....The Alternative to Content Authoring; Knowledge Management Readiness Test

1. Money Back Guarantee on Driver's Education Via Technology. Learning via technology is taking a great step forward in a new product aimed at teenagers and new drivers. Sierra's new Driver Education '98 provides great simulations, content customized by geography and even a money back guarantee if you fail to pass the driver's exam. We have been using a previous version of this product in our Road to On-Line Learning Lab, as an example of effective instruction. Sierra has bumped the new version way up the sophistication chain. They have even bundled in a steering wheel in the $100 version of the product, to allow hands-on driving experience. We were very impressed with the ability for a teenager to select the "driving after alcohol" option and see how the car response decreases with intoxication. Thumbs up to Sierra. If you want to check out their web site it is

2. Content Capturing....The Alternative to Content Authoring. Business units will be demanding more and more content for learning! There just will not be enough time, resources or skilled designers to use an authoring model for all of the content. Knowledge Management will create enormous demand for rapid creation and dissemination of information that can be used to improve skills and performance. The MASIE Center believes that we are about to enter the era of Content Capture.

Content capture is focused on "extracting" small chunks of knowledge from subject matter experts, using video, audio or even text. In the Capture world, we will be focusing on the "Cycle Times" needed to launch a learning program, with as few hurdles to rapid deployment. We still need to make sure that the content is accurate, logical and of value for the learning objective, but the assumption is that there may not be an AUTHOR in the process. The role of the author may become more of an editor, reviewer or template builder.

Watch for new products and services aimed at content capture in the months ahead.

3. Knowledge Management Readiness Test. Knowledge management is all about the ability of organizations to leverage the intellectual assets quickly and accurately. Here are a few questions from a Knowledge Management Survey being developed by The MASIE Center. Check to see how your organization would rate on these questions:

How would your organization go about finding these knowledge assets. How long would it take? How difficult would it be? What would be your success rate? At what cost of time and money?

- A salesperson is visiting a major prospect. Who in our company has ever done business with the prospect in their current or former job? Did anyone ever work there?
- Last year five key managers left the company. What knowledge did they take with them that we have not replaced?
- Karen is heading over to Singapore for a business meeting. Who are the best people to coach her on doing business in that country.
- What were the most expensive government regulations for us to comply with last year?
- How long would it take us to retrain everyone in our organization on using a new travel expense form? What would be the cost of that training?
- How much did we spend on all types of learning last year, by department?

These questions are not meant to depress you! Rather, they are some of the key questions that should be on your mind as our organizations integrate Knowledge Management models into our business and training approaches. TechLearn '98 will feature key sessions and task forces to prepare training departments for the role of Knowledge Management.

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