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53 - Another Entry Into the On-Line Learning Management Systems World; The Role of Search Engines in Training

1. Take Our Reading Survey and Suggestion Poll. Take 3 minutes and participate in our most recent TechLearn Trends Poll. This one is focused on Reading Patterns and Suggestions. We are polling our readers to find out how often they read books related to their work. We are also asking for reading list suggestions for work and personal topics. The results and suggested reading lists will be published in 10 days on TechLearn Trends. We will also have some reading book sessions at TechLearn '98 in November. Go ahead... Take our survey:

2. Another Entry Into the On-Line Learning Management Systems World. We are hearing about several new companies that are building and marketing learning management systems for on-line learning and training delivery. We just checked out a new player: Generation 21. Check out their site at: As you look at these systems, be sure to ask key questions about the interface of the systems with your HR databases and the portability of content in and out of the application.

3. The Role of Search Engines in Training. Search engines like Inkatomi and Yahoo are coming up in classroom discussions. Learners are using them to do a quick skim of content. A few warnings that are helpful to learners using these engines include (semi-obvious but important) warnings:

* Only on-line content is on-line. One person asked my why there was so little material about the origin of television available after getting slim
results from an on-line search. Well, there is a ton available, but it is in libraries and other non-searchable formats. * Engines are selling position. Several of the engines are now selling special positioning so that for a fee your listing pops to the top of the list and is bannered. They look neutral but many of these lists are biased by the economic model of the list sponsor. It would be great to build a mini-module on learning to use and trust search engines.

4. Behind The Scenes Tours of Disney @ TechLearn '98. Take a half-day tour of the belly of Disney. See how the parks run below the surface. Maybe even get a glimpse of a character as they get ready to go into the park. Check out the training approach that Disney uses for cast development. These are some of the topics on the tours that we will be running at TechLearn '98 in Orlando, Florida. These tours are available for a fee (approximately $85 per person) on Sunday before the Conference. Complete details will be sent to all registered attendees (now over 905 people have signed up). Just go to our web site for on-line registration:

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