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56 - NETg and Gartner Learning Merge Operations; Palm Based Learning Goes Wireless

1. NETg and Gartner Learning Merge Operations. This morning we received a flash announcement about the merger of operations of two big players in the technology and learning world:

"NETg, a global leader in technology-based training, today announced that it will merge operations with GartnerLearning following that company's acquisition by NETg parent, Harcourt General. "

"This transaction brings together the brightest professionals, the strongest product offering and the most complete service capabilities of any training organization in the market today," said Gary Lopez, president and CEO of NETg. "The combination of NETg and GartnerLearning brings together the complementary strengths of two leading training industry powers to create a single formidable leader. Together, we will harness the qualities that have propelled the two companies separately and deliver a cohesive set of products and services that will create the standard for competitive performance."

"The company will operate under the NETg name and will offer over 800 training products to a worldwide customer base. The company's U.S.
headquarters will remain in Naperville, Illinois."

For more information:

2. Palm Based Learning Goes Wireless. Our experiments in Palm Based Learning, using the new Palm Pilot and Windows CE hand held computers took a step forward this weekend. I hooked up my Palm Pilot to a new wireless modem that allows for continuous connection to email and the internet via a datastreamed wireless connection. We used the GoAmerica configuration that cost $49 a month for unlimited wireless connection (in larger cities). I was able to hit web sites, our internal intranet and send/receive email. We are doing a test program of the impact of using this as a learning workstation. Very cool...stay tuned for results and impressions.

3. Learning Marketplace Sessions @ TechLearn '98. With ISA (Instructional Systems Association) and CEdMA (Computer Education Management Association) as co-sited conferences with our TechLearn event in November we have a unique opportunity to take a close up look at the state of the learning marketplace. We will be hosting a series of sessions at TechLearn that will confront the difficulties and opportunities in purchasing or selling learning products and services in the new digital marketplace. We will address key issues about how one finds the customers (or products), pricing issues and making concrete plans in a rapidly changing marketplace. To register for TechLearn '98 go to

Personal Note: Our trip to Ireland was awesome. That small country is really the leader in the exporting of on-line and CD ROM based IT content. We met with key players in that industry and also saw the level of commitment from all levels of their government. Ireland is an example of the ability of the impacts of partnerships between government and corporate sectors in pathing a way to a new economy. Very impressive.

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