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60 - Special Report from Saratoga Springs, NY

1. Details of Workforce Investment Act. The recently passed and signed Workforce Investment Act is now law. We had a large number of TechLearn Trends readers ask for more detail on this legislation, which includes Individual Training Accounts and other major new programs. We have posted a detailed summary of the act at

2. New VIDCON LEARNING Site and Newsletter Launched. We are pleased to announce a new free resource for learning professionals. This summer The MASIE Center has been building a new site that will focus on the exploding world of video-conferencing as it used in learning and training. Laura Tocco, from Cornell University, has done a summer project to create this new site. In addition, we are launching a twice monthly newsletter called vidcon.learning that will follow the format of TechLearn Trends. Please check out this new site and sign up for the newsletter if you are interested in vidcon. Details at

3. Saratoga Springs: Distributed Learning Center. As you can tell, I travel often. This newsletter originates from a wide range of places around the world as we track the exploding field of learning and technology. Well, home is pretty awesome as well. Today, Trends originates from our office in Saratoga Springs, NY. This region is rapidly becoming a center of Distributed Learning projects. In addition to housing The MASIE Center, Saratoga is also home to Empire State College's Center for Learning & Technology, a powerhouse in the world of higher education distance learning. In our region, we also have 6 other learning and technology projects, including ILINC and the SUNY Network. Let me put a small plug in for the recreational side of Saratoga Springs. We are the site of the Saratoga Racetrack, Saratoga Performing Arts Center and a wide range of historic homes and estates. Check out this cool town at

4. TechLearn '98 Spouse/Friend/Family Friendly. There are a wide set of options for the people in your life that might be coming to TechLearn '98 with you in November. They can attend several events at TechLearn '98 including Behind the Scene's Tours of Disney, Tuesday Night Party at Disney, special classes at Disney Institute. The Party is free, other events have a pass-thru charge. Note: Please make reservations for the event as soon as possible, registration is now at 1,007 colleagues. TechLearn '98 Site:

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