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63 - New Federal Site for IT Skills Gap; Tips for Trainers: Comfortable Shoes and a Stool!

1. New Federal Site for IT Skills Gap! Check out a new site that has been launched by the United States Department of Commerce to focus national attention on the IT Industry skills gap. Called Go for IT!, the site contains listings of training, resource and other programs. Find it at

2. CBT Systems and Real Networks To Collaborate. CBT Systems, a major player in the IT training skills arena and Real Networks, a key developer of streamed multi-media, have inked a deal to collaborate. CBT Systems will standardize on the G2 System from Real to deliver streamed media to browsers. The details on today's press release can be found at:

This is a trend that is emerging as content companies are choosing a media streaming or other web media delivery process as their standard. Watch for lots of announcements like this in the coming 90 days.

3. Reader Suggests Book on Visionary Companies. Robb Kushner, a TechLearn Trends reader, suggested a book that he recently read. ""Built To Last: Successful Habits of Visionary Companies" by James C. Collins & Jerry I. Porras HarperBusiness, a division of Harper-Collins Publishers. I picked it up and found it to be fascinating reading and a great guide to thinking about how to invent the future of our organizations. You can order it from by clicking here:

4. Tips for Trainers: Comfortable Shoes and a Stool! A TechLearn Trends reader wrote us to ask how to manage their energy over long days of classes. I picked up the phone and we chatted for almost an hour about her challenge. She was exhausted at the end of every day of training and totally bushed at the weekends. While training will always use up a good deal of energy, it should not leave us "wiped".

As we talked it became clear that she was standing on her feet for the 8 eight hours a day in fairly uncomfortable, corporate shoes. I had her measure how much she walked during a class and she was shocked to see that she put on a couple of miles a day, between pacing, visiting learners at their desks and moving around the classroom.

Our advice: Comfortable shoes and a stool. While it might not look exactly like your colleagues, go for comfortable and walking friendly shoes. And, go get a bar stool. I find that there are times when sitting on a stool and answering questions or chatting with the class is a relief for everyone, including the students eyes that have to follow you around the room.

Her result: She took our advice and has been using Comfort Shoes and a swivel stool for the last three weeks and says that it makes all the difference in the world. Her comment: "Wow! It really does make a difference in how the day feels. I can't give learners all of my energy if I am physically tired in class."

5. TechLearn '98 Industry Groupings to Convene in Orlando. We have scheduled over a dozen industry groupings at TechLearn '98 to bring you
together with your colleagues facing similar challenges. Here are a few of the structured sessions that are scheduled for TechLearn '98:

* Government, Military and Intelligence Community @ TechLearn '98
* Financial Services @ TechLearn '98
* Retailing @ TechLearn '98
* Higher Education @ TechLearn '98
* Associations and Not for Profits @ TechLearn '98
* Manufacturing @ TechLearn '98
* Medical, Health Care and Pharmaceutical @ TechLearn '98
* International Participants @ TechLearn '98
* Training and Learning Marketplace Vendors @ TechLearn '98
* On-Line Learning Coordinators @ TechLearn '98
* Computer Training Industry @ TechLearn '98
* Chief Learning Officers @ TechLearn '98
* Classroom Trainers @ TechLearn '98
* New to the Industry @ TechLearn '98

In addition, if you would like to add your industry to this list, please send an email to Each of these groupings will have a host, one or more sessions and networking resources. To reserve your space in TechLearn '98 (November 15 to 18 in Orlando), just go to There are already 1,151 colleagues registered. Space is limited and registrations will be closed this Fall.


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