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66 - Lotus Launches On-Demand Information & Training for Notes; Extending Wait Time in Class Supercharges Questions

1. Lotus Launches On-Demand Information & Training for Notes: "Lotus Development Corp. today announced it is offering a portfolio of just-in-time training products that provide Lotus Notes users with flexible, self-paced resources to help them maximize the technology, particularly between the time of deployment and formal training. The company also announced the availability of the first application in the portfolio, QuickCards for Notes 4.6, an online resource that contains step-by-step instructions on how to perform key functions critical to quickly becoming a productive Notes user."

"Developed by Dallas-based Usability Sciences Corporation, QuickCards for Notes 4.6 complements traditional training and support tools. It not only instructs users on how to work with Lotus Notes, it also dynamically points them to information they may need to continually advance their Notes skill set and helps them build a personal list of "how-to's" that grows with their experience and expertise. Users can access QuickCards through a Notes client. "

2. Readers Generate Dozens of One Day Training Strategies: We received dozens of strategy ideas from TechLearn Trends readers responding to a request for creative approaches to a compressed one day class. We have posted these for your use at

3. Are You Implementing SAP? A Reader Asks for Help: Fredd Griggs, from Solutia, Inc. (formerly Monsanto), would like to hear from other TechLearn readers who have implemented SAP enterprise wide. As you probably know, changing your enterprise database solution is a HUGE undertaking. They would like to benchmark with other companies that have implemented SAP on a enterprise scale. Can you share your approach to post-implementation training. What types of training did you do? Who developed or delivered the training. Please respond directly to Fredd at Thanks!

4. Extending Wait Time in Class Supercharges Questions! If I were to change one behavior of trainers it would be their wait time. It is amazing how short the time is between our solicitation of questions and the next sound out our mouths. Most trainers wait less than 3 seconds. "Are there any questions?" 1....2....3 "Ok, let's move on!" When trainers extend their wait time to 8 to 10 seconds major changes occur in the quantity and pattern of questions. Learners quickly assess each trainer's patterns and intentions when soliciting questions. If the trainer extends wait time, there is time for the learner to review their thinking, formulate their question, scan the class and take a breath. This can't be done in 3 seconds. Extend the wait time and watch!

5. Free Satellite and Internet Broadcast on Sept 10th: TechLearn LIVE! Join us for a free 2 hour broadcast on Thursday, September 10th from 1 to 3 PM Eastern Time for a satellite or internet delivered session. Featuring training coordinators from major corporations, representatives from the Federal Government, and a keynote by Elliott Masie. TechLearn LIVE! will focus on the Future of Learning. We will look at core issues facing organizations attempting to change their model for the delivery of training and learning. Go to to get coordinates and viewing URL. In April, we had over 17,000 colleagues viewing TechLearn LIVE!

* TechLearn '98 Registrations can be made on-line at . There are 1, 319 colleagues registered for TechLearn, which will be held November 15 to 18, 1998 at Walt Disney World in Orlando. There will be a cap on attendance and we urge all TechLearn readers to register now (you can cancel up to one week prior to the event), to reserve conference participation and hotel rooms. Join us as we discuss ReInventing Training!

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