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102 - Discreet Collaboration by Phone Launched by AT&T

1. Discreet Collaboration by Phone Launched by AT&T: One of the strangest questions that I was ever asked focused on the issue of discreet collaborations in learning. A trainer was asked by one of his distance learning graduate student if she HAD to give her name and telephone number to the people in her class. She wanted a higher level of secrecy. Hard to do if you are going to require some telephone collaboration as part of the design. Well, help may be on the way.

Aimed at the chat room - on-line romance marketplace, AT&T has launched a new service that allows two people to place a call to each other without ever having to give away any information about each other. Called ChatNTalk, the service allows two people to give a screen name and billing information to AT&T and they will be hooked up by telephone. This new service is now in beta and is billing at 15 cents (USA) for each person per minute. Once it goes live in a few weeks, the price will raise to 25 cents per minute plus a 50 cents set up fee. The website for this service can be found at

2. Blending Synchronous and Asynchronous Formats: How do we blend the best of synchronous (live) events with authored asynchronous (on-demand) events? This is a hot question as organizations start to expand their on-line learning offerings. We have been waiting to see new products on the marketplace that will do a stronger job of integrating these two strong components of technology and learning. I would love to be able to offer learners a stronger integration of threaded discussions, real-time mentoring, scheduled audio-graphic presentations and authored CBT products. While a number of management systems allow us to offer these various events on a single schedule, we need to be able to integrate at a more basic model, right down to the learning objective or learning object level. If you have seen a product that weaves these formats in a creative and effective fashion, please send an email to .

3. Learning Quotation: A Remote Learner. This was submitted by Rachel Wilson, a TRENDS reader involved in a 2 year distance learning degree program:

"The cool thing about distance learning is that I don't have to PRETEND to be interested every minute. I can be more honest about the value of each class and activity. I can even honestly multi-task if an on-line lecture or chat is boring. I spent so much time in traditional classes pretending to be engaged in learning to please the instructor. Now, I only have myself, as the customer, to please. I feel a lot more genuine!"

4. Bill Cosby Routine - Fat Albert: As you may know, we are honored to have Dr. Bill Cosby as the keynoter for TechLearn '99 in Orlando in October. From time to time we will send you a URL for a sound clip from "Cos". One of my favorites is from a 1969 record. Courtesy of Comedy Radio Network, here is a Real Audio clip about Fat Albert: To join the 892 other training and learning professionals registered for TechLearn go to

5. Integrated Diet and Exercise Learning Site Launched. One of the most difficult learning task is to change a diet or to take a new approach to exercise. It involves a combination of learning (or re-learning) information, reflection, coaching, feedback, support and practice. I can attest on a personal level as a lifelong serial dieter. As I push myself to get healthier, I searched for the right support tools. Found a great site, which I am just starting to use. Check out which includes a very savvy web based client, along with a downloaded program, that will provide a wide range of diet tracking, calendering of activities and support. The core program is free. The site builders have created a very creative approach to learning and behavioral change. Check it out. (And, I will let you know how it works on a personal level.)

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