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547 - Economic Anxiety Poll Results; 300 Sessions Published for Learning 2008

Learning TRENDS by Elliott Masie - Oct 1, 2008.
#547 - Updates on Learning, Business & Technology.
54,434 Readers - - The MASIE Center.
Host, Learning ‘08 - Oct. 26-29 - Over 1,587 Colleagues Registered!

1. Learning 2008 Program Guide Published!
2. Results of Economic Anxiety at the Workplace Poll.

1. Learning 2008 Program Guide Published! We have just published over 300 learning sessions and activities in the new Learning 2008 Program Guide! Download the 88-page guide or the condensed spreadsheet to help plan your time at Learning 2008. Go to

2. Results of Economic Anxiety at the Workplace Poll: How much Economic Anxiety is in the Workplace?  Over 1,444 learning professionals responded to our poll in the past 72 hours. Here are the “flash” results:

a) What is the level of Economic Anxiety in Your Workplace?

Severe and High Anxiety in the Workplace: 29%
Some Anxiety in the Workplace: 56%
Low or No Anxiety in the Workplace: 15%

b) What, if any, actions has your organization’s leadership taken to respond to the Economic Anxiety in the Workplace:

* Briefings by leadership on organization’s economic health: 21%
* Briefings by leadership on the economic crisis: 13%
* Manager conversations with employees on economic anxiety: 13%
* Workshops/Briefings on dealing with 401 K management: 7%
* No actions as of today: 46%

We are continuing to collect responses at 

We’ll publish another, longer TRENDS on this topic in the days ahead.

Yours in learning,

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