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End of the Year Planning - Upcoming Labs, Events & More

TO: Learning, Training & Performance Colleagues
FROM: Elliott Masie, The MASIE Center
DATE: December 16, 2010

RE: End of the Year Planning - Upcoming Labs, Events & More

As you are doing your planning at the end of 2010, including activities for 2011, I wanted to give you a quick heads up about the upcoming Labs, Events and collaborations we are planning at The MASIE Center:

* Video for Learning LAB & Seminar: This is our most popular LAB - and we have done a major retrofit and upgrade for 2011. Spend 3 days in Saratoga Springs at our 10,000 square foot Learning LAB and have a hands-on, deep dive exploration of the changing role of Video for Learning. We have just invested over $50,000 to upgrade our LAB to High Def and to build a range of cloud-based video collection sites. We will explore the role of Video Stories, Short Form Video, UserContent Videos, as well as the rapidly evolving Video Chat/Video Conference function in learning. There are 10 spaces available in our next Video for Learning LAB, which I teach with Lauren Broughton, our video producer, January 10 to 12th. Each participant will receive video equipment to use for projects back home. Register at

* Learning Leadership Academy: Twice a year, we offer a senior level Academy for current and rising Learning Leaders. Spend 3 days with Nigel Paine (former CLO of the BBC) and me as we explore the key elements of Learning Leadership. The focal points are:

- Leading the Learning Team!
- Enabling Learning in your Organization
- Aligning Changing Technology
- Driving Business Performance 

The next edition of the Learning Leadership Academy will be held in Saratoga Springs from Feb 8th to 10th. Register at

* Membership in the Learning CONSORTIUM: Your entire organization can be part of our unique Learning CONSORTIUM, a Learning R&D Collaborative, that has over 240 of the leading corporations in the world. This is our 12th year as a CONSORTIUM and we are working on projects ranging from new models of Onboarding, Gesture Based Computing, Boot Camps as a Training Model, Learning Strategies and more. This is a 100% vendor-neutral, non-sales collaborative that has a high-trust and no-hype culture. Your organization can join for only $5,000 and membership includes 2 seats to Learning 2011, plus one hour of coaching and monthly calls, projects and resources. Information at

* Learning 2011: Register now, save money and use 2010 dollars. Go to

In addition, in 2011 we will be announcing new programs including: LeadershipDev, Learning Studios and more.

Yours in learning,
Elliott Masie

MASIE Center Seminars, Events and Services:
* Learning 2011 - Nov 6 to 9, 2011 - Orlando, Florida.
* Video for Learning LAB - January in Saratoga Springs.
* Learning Leadership Academy - February in Saratoga Springs.
* Membership in The Learning CONSORTIUM
Info and Registration: