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702 - Masie Trip to Asia; Learning 2011 Wrap-Up

Learning TRENDS by Elliott Masie - November 15, 2011.
#702 - Updates on Learning, Business & Technology.
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Host of Learning 2012 - Oct 21 to 24 - Orlando, Florida!

1. Learning 2011 Learnings.
2. Masie Trip to Asia Set for December.

1. Learning 2011 Learnings: We are in the debrief and “recovery” stage after Learning 2011, which took place last week in Orlando with 2,046 colleagues participating. From 90 minutes with President Clinton to a storytelling extravaganza with John Lithgow, from keynote presentations about “Transactive Memory” to Undercover Boss Experiences and the over 240 seminars, there is much to process, publish and reflect upon. Over the next 2 weeks, we will release dozens of hours of video and other content.  But, here are some resources for your learning pleasure:

* Learning Wiki: We have placed content, video and participant perspectives on the seminars and keynotes at  Visit the CONTENT section and you will see this grow in the days ahead.
* Learning 2012 Dates: October 21 to 24, 2012 at Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida. Early Registration will open next week for those who want to use 2011 funds for next year’s event.
* Video Segments Posted: Starting later this week, we will publish most of the keynote presentations in full and small segment lengths. These will be linked from our sites and we will make an announcement in Learning TRENDS.

Thanks to Team MASIE for their energetic work on this incredible conference and I am deeply honored by the participation of such a diverse set of global learning colleagues.

2. Masie Trip to Asia Set for December: We will be going to parts of Asia for one month, in December, focusing on Learning Changes in that region. I would love to meet any of our Learning TRENDS readers and colleagues - or colleagues of colleagues - in these regions:

- Shanghai, China: December 3 to 6th
- Beijing, China: December 8 to 11th
- Hong Kong, China: December 12 to 14
- Bangkok, Thailand: December 15 to 19

If you are located in this region, would you send me a note to and let me know.

We will also be blogging about Learning in Asia during this trip and these will be linked from Learning TRENDS.
Elliott Masie.

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