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Back from Asia, 2012 Seminars and Elliott Falls & Heals

TO: Learning, Training & Performance Colleagues
FROM: Elliott Masie
DATE: January 4, 2012

1. Starting 2012 With Learning Labs for Learning Professionals!
2. Asia Trip was Awesome - And, Elliott Heals After Bali Fall.

1. Starting 2012 With Learning Labs for Learning Professionals: After a month in Asia, I am pleased to be back in Saratoga Springs, NY! We have two in-depth labs for learning professionals in the coming weeks.  There are a few seats left in each of these programs. Consider joining us:

* Video for Learning LAB & Seminar!
Led by Elliott Masie
January 23-25, 2012 - Saratoga Springs, NY
Info & Registration:

* Performance Support & Workplace GPS!
Led by Bob Mosher, Conrad Gottfredson
January 18 to 20, 2012 - Saratoga Springs
Info & Registration:

2. Asia Trip was Awesome - And, Elliott Heals After Bali Fall: Our 26 day learning trip to Asia was awesome. We visited learning colleagues in Shanghai, Beijing, Hong Kong, Singapore and other countries where we learned about the rapid growth of Starbucks, the plans for Disney English, the work at Shanghai General Motors and many other organizations. Our Chinese, American and global learning colleagues were so gracious to us. Everywhere we went, the learning conversation rapidly evolved to Learning Globally. In the coming weeks, watch for new programs from The MASIE Center on this key topic!

Elliott Falls and Heals: Well, sometimes accidents happen. One morning in Bali, on the path to an outdoor massage, something happened and I ended up falling 9 feet, gashing my head and ending up pretty rattled. The good news is that I got great care. When I returned to Saratoga, a CT scan showed that I had 2 small brain bleeds, but my brain is alive, active and will be deeply involved in learning issues in the coming weeks. A bit of rest and loads of great support are helping me to heal. I will be fine and really appreciate the notes from colleagues around the world.

Yours in learning,
Elliott Masie.

MASIE Center Seminars, Events and Services:
* Learning 2012 - Oct 21 - 24, 2012 - Orlando, Florida.
* Video for Learning LAB & Seminar - Jan 23-25 - Saratoga Springs.
* Performance Support/Workplace GPS - Jan 18-20 - Saratoga Springs.
* Membership in The Learning CONSORTIUM.
Info and Registration: