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757 - Mobile Learning Trends Results, Learning 2012 Video Segments

Learning TRENDS by Elliott Masie - November 29, 2012.
#757 - Updates on Learning, Business & Technology.
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1. Mobile Learning Survey Results & Trends!
2. Video Segments from Learning 2012 On-Line.
3. Graduate/Research Internship at MASIE Center.

1. Mobile Learning Survey Results & Trends! We are pleased to publish the results of our global survey on Mobile Learning Trends. Based on responses from 823 global organizations, the Mobile Pulse Survey has interesting trends and challenges facing corporations as they pursue Mobile Learning.

Report Segments:

“Interest in delivering learning on mobile devices is high but implementation is in the very early stages of development. Approximately 80% of organizations reported at least a moderate interest in mobile learning. So far that interest has primarily translated into projects to explore and test mobile learning and developing some content designed for mobile devices. At the same time, less than 30% of organizations have an enterprise strategy for mobile learning.”

“Surveyed organizations acknowledge that leveraging mobile devices for learning provides some important affordances, but also have critical and constraining concerns. Key affordances include: the ability to provide learners with access to learning that is “anytime and anywhere”; reinforcement and updating of previous learning; maintaining proficiency and using otherwise unproductive time for learning activities. Chief among the concerns are the lack of sound designs for mobile learning (which can frustrate learners), technical issues that negatively impact the brand, the hype that leads learning organizations into adopting technologies that do not prove fruitful, and the potential that mobile learning will devalue in-depth knowledge and learning.”

The complete report and all results are online, without charge, from The MASIE Center at:

Mobile Pulse Survey:

Special thanks to Videhi Bhamidi, Research Intern at the MASIE Center and recent graduate of Oxford in eLearning, who coordinated this survey. In the coming weeks, we will also publish her work on specific areas of Mobile Learning “Routes” as we consider the future of design for learning with mobile connectivity.

2. Video Segments from Learning 2012 On-Line: We have posted hours of video content segments from the keynote speakers at Learning 2012 (for those who gave us permission to circulate their presentations). You can view segments from Charles Duhigg, Susan Cain, Richard Culatta, Marshall Goldsmith and many more at  Access the Learning 2012 menu for these segments. The MASIE Center has an Open Sharing model for our content and programs and are honored to make these available to the learning field.

3. Research Internship at The MASIE Center: The MASIE Center and Learning CONSORTIUM are searching for a Research Intern to be in residence in Saratoga Springs for 4 to 5 months. The ideal intern is either currently in graduate school or recently graduated from a program focused on learning, technology, business or human resources. They will be working with Elliott Masie and our team on research projects in our Learning LAB. We are eligible to sponsor a qualified candidate from a global location for an Internship Visa. There is a stipend and structured learning experiences. If you are interested, please send a note to and we will send you information. Please forward a short note about your background and interests. Previously, we have hosted interns from Korea, Brazil, India, Canada and other locations, as well as US based colleagues.

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