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713 - Happy 100th Girl Scouts; Learning Coaching from My Desktop

Learning TRENDS by Elliott Masie - March 12, 2012.
#713 - Updates on Learning, Business & Technology.
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1. Happy 100th to Girl Scouts of America - Learning in Action.
2. Learning Coaching from My Desktop Today.
3. Video Discoverable? - Stretching the LMS

1. Happy 100th to Girl Scouts of America - Learning in Action:  100 years ago today, Girl Scouts of America was started.  As learning professionals, we can look at the Girl Scout experience as a key element in lifelong learning. The structure of activities is focused on experiences that will build the skills, knowledge and confidence of girls as they grow up.  There are key roles for parents and volunteers to play as coaches and mentors.  And, in recent years, it has been fun to see how technology has been added to the program, with an emphasis on building science and math as possible career choices.  Happy Birthday, Girls Scouts, and keep on expanding the learning reach!

2. Learning Coaching from My Desktop Today:  Today has been an interesting sample of how coaching and expertise sharing are evolving in the age of video and desktop connections.  So far, since 9 am, I have been coaching key colleagues from several major global organizations - all from my desktop - including learning leaders from Hilton Hotels and similar colleagues at Wal-Mart.  Add to that a design session with Marshall Goldsmith in California, activity brainstorm with Tom Yorton from Second City Communications and five other conversations, all from my desktop with video, audio and desktop collaboration (in my blue jeans without taking a plane ride or going through a TSA checkpoint).  I am struck by the growing ease in which we can collaborate across boundaries and time with trust and efficiency. 

3. Video Discoverable? - Stretching the LMS:  Talking of video, one of the key challenges for organizations is to make the growing quantities of short, user created videos discoverable and integrated with Learning Management Systems. One of the most common questions we are hearing at The MASIE Center is focused on what organizations are doing to store and deliver video, both in and outside of learning programs.  It would be an interesting question for you to raise in your company, focusing on how and where video will be stored and how to make it findable and deployable to employees and even customers.  Some organizations are adding modules to their LMS and others are building stand-alone Video Management capacity from cloud-based programs.  We will be addressing the storage of video in corporate settings at our upcoming Video for Learning LAB & Seminar, to be held in early April in Saratoga Springs.  Details and online registration at

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Elliott Masie

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