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716 - Refreshing Leadership Development; Visuals Going High Def?

Learning TRENDS by Elliott Masie - March 26, 2012.
#716 - Updates on Learning, Business & Technology.
55,664 Readers - - The MASIE Center.
Host of Learning 2012 - Oct 21 to 24 - Orlando, FL, USA.

1. Leadership Development Needs Refreshing!
2. Visuals & Graphics Going High Def?

1. Leadership Development Needs Refreshing! One of the most frequent conversations that I have these days is with Directors of Leadership Development of major organizations, sharing their desire to give Leadership & Executive Learning Programs a major “refresh”. How do they mix face-to-face with digital assets? How do they add more stretch and in-work intense experiences into the design? What is the ideal timing, density and staging for Leadership Development?

We are pleased to announce an upcoming program aimed at refreshing and redesigning Leadership Development programs:

LeadershipDev Design Studio!
Las Vegas, NV - June 5 & 6, 2012.
Hosted & Curated by: Elliott Masie.

LeadershipDev Design Studio is a unique MASIE Center program aimed at collectively and collaboratively exploring newer models for Leadership Development in larger organizations.

* Leadership Development DELIVERY? Mixing Face-to-Face with Digital Learning & Social Engagement Activities!
* Leadership Development ALIGNMENT? Changing Content, Context & Skillset Focuses for Executive, Managerial & Leadership Strategies?
* Leadership Development ENGAGEMENT? Beyond the Classroom – Stretch Assignments, Mentoring, Coaching, Competency Models & More!
* Leadership Development MYTHS & RITUALS? What are “Sacred Ground” Activities or Rituals for Reconsideration?
* Leadership Development PARTICIPANTS? Who Participates & at What Stages in their Careers?
* Leadership Development DISRUPTERS? Business Processes, Global Expansions, Technology Changes & Career Shifts That May Disrupt Your Strategies?

LeadershipDev Design Studio will be an exciting two days of interactive conversations, strategy considerations, Leadership Lab experiments and the challenge of looking at the NEXT stage of Leadership Development in your organization.

Space is limited and we have priced LeadershipDev Design Studio to encourage companies to send two or more participants, if possible. Details and registration at:

2. Visuals & Graphics Going High Def? As we play with Apple’s new iPad, with very high def screen display, an interesting factor has emerged. Some of the graphics and visuals that look great on our normal computer or laptop screens actually look pixelated or grainy on the iPad. We are predicting that designers and web page coordinators will start to add more high-def pictures to their overall websites, or use factoring software to sense when a high-def tablet is requesting a page and alter the image appropriately. There are labor, storage and bandwidth implications but watch for these shifts to happen fairly quickly. In fact, we are doing a scan of our own various websites with this factor in mind.

Yours in learning,

Elliott Masie

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