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899 - Memorization Specifics; Streamed Theater: "Daddy Long Legs"

Learning TRENDS by Elliott Masie - December 9, 2015.
#899 - Updates on Learning, Business & Technology.
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1. Do I Memorize It? Or, Have Navigational Readiness?
2. First Free Broadway/Off-Broadway Streamed Theater!
3. Tech Recycle Tables at Work.

1. Do I Memorize It? Or, Have Navigational Readiness? When you structure a learning activity, from a class to an e-Learning program, what level of recall do you expect of your learner?

- Memorization? They can fully recall the new information without prompts?
- Assisted Memorization? Given a small prompt, they can recall it from memory?
- Overview Recall? The learner understands the overview (concept) but does not memorize details?
- Navigational Readiness? The learner does not “know it” but is ready to access or search for it?

We could add to this list as we look at the various flavors of memorization. Some of these will be personal choices by the learner herself while others will be decided by the Designer/Producer of the learning activity. It would be great if the learning field were more explicit about the differentiation - from a design, expectation and even acceptance point of view. 

2. First Free Broadway/Off-Broadway Streamed Theater! Here is a personal invitation to watch, free of charge, an awesome theater experience - streamed live on Thursday, December 10th. “Daddy Long Legs”, produced by my friend and colleague Ken Davenport, is a delightful musical now featured in New York City. Ken is experimenting with offering a free worldwide viewing of this powerful and funny play.  There are multiple time zones and I would love some of our Learning TRENDS colleagues to check it out.

Details and free signup at for Daddy Long Legs, Thursday - December 10th:

3. Tech Recycle Tables at Work: Our employees have more and more used but still workable technology at home. As we upgrade our tablets, phones and other digital devices, there are rarely good places to have them continued to be used, rather than sending them to the recycle dump. What about setting up a Tech Recycle Table at work, where folks donate smaller sized tech for use by fellow employees or to be passed along to schools, community centers or neighbors that would deeply value something like a laptop (even if it is 4 years old)?

Yours in learning,

Elliott Masie
Host, Learning 2016
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