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911 - Stacking vs. Replacing LMS; Learner as Content Producer

Learning TRENDS by Elliott Masie - March 31, 2016.
#911 - Updates on Learning, Business & Technology.
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1. Learner as Content Producer?
2. Stacking vs. Replacing the LMS/LCMS!
3. Learning Directions Briefings in June.

1. Learner as Content Producer? More of the learning consumed by learners has been created, compiled or produced by sources other than internal Learning & Development groups. We have been surveying a significant shift in the origin of content used by employees of our organizations.  Increasingly, we are seeing these as the source of content:

- Search Found Content.
- Public Content Collections - TED Talks, YouTube, Others.
- Peer Created Content or Collaborations.
- Curated Content by Learners.
- 3rd Party Content from External Providers.

The “meta” trend is that the organization is building less and less of the content in a formal designer mode. In fact, the Learner is often becoming a “Learning Producer” through their own assembly and selection of content from a wider and wider set of resources. It will be interesting to track how learners expand and hone their skills of being their own “Producers” and how learning functions leverage this to help curate a more effective and efficient set of learning choices for the rest of the enterprise.

2. Stacking vs. Replacing the LMS/LCMS! While many organizations have grown beyond the current capacities of their Learning Management Systems and LCMS, there are significantly fewer corporations choosing to make the major capital and implementation investment of replacing their entire enterprise learning technology.  Rather, we are seeing more “Stacking”, which means accepting the role of the existing LMS as the base system for the organization and then adding Stacks or Layers on top that will create added and more targeted functionality.  Some of the Learning Stacks include:

- Competency or Talent Management Layers.
- Assessment or Feedback Layers.
- Compliance or Regulatory Layers.
- Career Development Layers.
- Collaboration and Social Networking Layers.
- Gamification or Engagement Layers.
- Globalization Layers.

In other words, some organizations are shifting from replacing their LMS to adding these technologies on top of the LMS. Some may be limited to a specific line of business or segment of learners.  Others are layered in almost as extensions of the LMS, using the core code for transaction tracking and shared data exchange - but the functionality is found in the layer.  One might call it a “LMS Inside” approach.

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