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959 - Mentoring & Coaching Frameworks, LMS for Only 20%, Big News by Friday

Elliott Masie’s Learning TRENDS - March 28, 2017
#959 - Updates on Learning, Business & Technology Since 1997.
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1. Needed: Frameworks for Mentoring & Coaching
2. When an LMS Only Tracks 20% of the Learning
3. Big News about Learning 2017 on Friday

1. Frameworks for Mentoring & Coaching Needed!: Mentoring and Coaching are key pathways for employees to improve skills and develop their readiness for new roles.  Almost every conversation I have with a worker about their own development includes a time they had a powerful and effective Mentor or Coach.

Yet, our understanding of what makes one Coach highly effective and another deeply forgettable is not very strong or evidence based.  Some theories of coaching center around strong listening, feedback and structuring skills.  Other theories point to the level of maturity of the learner to the task at hand - shifting styles of feedback as the maturity goes up or down.

What the Learning Field needs is a stronger, evidence based model for shaping the most effective coaching and mentoring that is needed by a specific learner in a specific situation.  Sometimes, it will need to be highly directive with crisp “behavioral dashboards” for the worker.  Other times it might be a supportive ear to listen and provide support.  And, sometimes it might be a structured Learning Advisor, pointing to possible content or experiences that would be most helpful.

And, we will see the rise of “Machine Learning” coaching, which will use a combination of intense data about a learner with a digital interaction to provide the best mentoring/coaching.

The MASIE Center is interested in dialoguing with colleagues who are interested in building out these Mentoring/Coaching frameworks.  Send me a note to

2. When an LMS Only Tracks 20% of the Learning :( Sadly, our learning systems (e.g. LMS and LCMS) track only a small percentage of the learning activities that your workforce undertakes.  Most of our learners are learning from “Experiences” that are not formatted like courses and that usually are not included in the record keeping of an LMS.

In some organizations, only about 20% of the Learning is tracked in Learning Systems.  For example, coaching/mentoring that we talked about in this article is often bypassed.  Attendance at external events is often bypassed.  Access to non-interactive content or even book purchasing is often bypassed.

This is understandable from the perspective of an LMS being used to manage the delivery of Enterprise Digital Assets and focusing on Compliance Reporting.  But, the bypassing often extends to user created videos and even social network collaborative content.  In a nutshell, we are often NOT using the LMS to track the TOTALITY of Learning!

Certainly the work of the xAPI group is pushing for a larger scope of “experiences” to be included. But, there is a need for a deeper shift in our learning systems’ focus and scope.

Richard Culatta and myself, as co-hosts of Learning Systems & Tools ‘17, which we will host in Chicago in April, will dive deeply into extending the reach of what we track, manage, optimize and personalize with changing technologies.  Info and online registration at

3. Big News about Learning 2017 by Friday: Watch for our next Learning TRENDS in the next few days with some BIG news as we start to announce the Keynoters for Learning 2017, to be held in Orlando, Florida from October 22nd to 25th.  Or, check our site in a few days at

Thank You for Notes about Events in London: Thanks to the hundreds of Learning TRENDS colleagues who wrote back after the terror incident at London’s Parliament last week. It was a strange time and also a learning-rich time to be in London as those events happened. Thanks!

Yours in learning,

Elliott Masie
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