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966 - Physics for Rock Stars, Mixed vs Blended, ATD MeetUp

Elliott Masie’s Learning TRENDS - May 20, 2017
#966- Updates on Learning, Business & Technology Since 1997.
57,649 Readers - - The MASIE Center. 
Host of Learning 2017 - October 22 to 25 - Orlando, Florida, USA

1. Physics for Rock Stars: Christine McKinley!
2. Mixed vs. Blended Learning - A Shift.
3. Going to ATD? Meetup with Elliott Masie

1. Physics for Rock Stars: Christine McKinley! I am now announcing additional Keynoters for Learning 2017, featuring Michelle Obama.

Today, we are honored to announce that Christine McKinley, the author of Physics for Rock Stars and the featured engineer on “Decoded” on the History Channel, will be a featured speaker at Learning 2017.

Christine will bring a unique perspective on “Making the Laws of the Universe Work for You”. Her background includes engineering design of major facilities as well as being a musician and impassioned teacher.

Check it out and access Early Registration Discounts for Learning 2017 (Oct 22 to 25 - Orlando) at

2. Mixed vs. Blended Learning - A Shift:  Over 19 years ago, the field started to use the phrase “Blended Learning” to reflect the ways in which organizations were combining eLearning with classroom, OJT or other formats.  The assumption was that learning organizations would design and deliver a suggested or enforced format to learners.

I have noticed a recent drop in the use of the term “Blended Learning”.  For some organizations, it reflects a normalization of the blend, where most learning programs have a combination of two or more formats.  Yet, many organizations have had difficulty in designing, delivering and supporting a designed blend.  In fact, many LMS engines do not have the agility to deliver an effective blend.

But, the larger shift is that LEARNERS are more likely the BLENDERS than DESIGNERS.  Many learners are creating their own MIXTURE of learning formats.  For example, they may watch a Video, then review the Social Content or FAQ’s, then find a SME to have a discussion with, and finally take the assessment quiz.  We are seeing the MIXTURE as a dynamic shift - with learners MIXING their learning from a growing Panorama or Buffet of official, informal or open external content. 

It will be a new challenge for Learning Systems to support and optimize this learner centered MIXED learning model.

3. Going to ATD?  Meetup with Elliott Masie: I am heading to Atlanta to deliver a major session at the ATD Conference on Monday, May 22nd.  My session is Learning Trends, Hype, Disrupters, and Shifts in 2017 - on Monday at 3 PM in the Sydney Marcus Theater.  And, I will be at the Learning 2017 booth #644.  If you are coming to ATD and would like to MeetUp with myself and other colleagues, send an email to

Yours in learning,

Elliott Masie
Twitter: @emasie 

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