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1010 - AR and Travel, New Numbers, Club Learn Announced

Elliott Masie’s Learning TRENDS - October 16, 2018.
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1. AR and Travel: Point for Legal Baggage.
2. New Numbers Needed for Learning Data Analytics.
3. Club Learn Announced! 

1. AR and Travel: Point for Legal Baggage: Our AR/VR analyst, Serene Wang, sent me a quick note from China highlighting the rise of Augmented Reality apps that are flowing to my iPhone.  In my future trends chart, the ability of mobile devices to be “augmented” with data, information or support is so much more impactful than the cool but non-scalable wearing of  wrap-around VR Goggles in the workplace. 

Check out the newest version of Kayak’s app.  It has a simple AR feature that allows you to take a picture of a piece of luggage you are planning on taking on the next airplane trip.  The phone does a multi-scan of the bag and instantly calculates it’s dimensions and indicates where it meets the FAA rules for carry-on luggage. 

AR will be surfacing in a range of applications that can be used by consumers or in the workplace.  Stay tuned. 

2. New Numbers Needed for Learning Data Analytics: One of The MASIE Center’s focuses going into 2019 will be Learning Data Analytics.  We will need to think out of the box about data and numbers that can be used to assess, personalize, evaluate, improve or focus learning activities.  We will need some “New Numbers” to add to our Learning Data Analysis.  At Learning 2018, we will have brainstorming of over 1,800 colleagues to explore the New Numbers for our field. Here are a few working examples: 

* Confidence Levels:  How confident was the employee about the new topic or skill at the end of the learning cycle?  How confident are they when they apply it at the workplace?  And, how do their managers, colleagues or even customers rate their perceived confidence on the topic?

* Memorization vs. Navigational Targets:  As Learning Producers, what are our targets for how much content the learner gets to actively Memorize?  And, how much is in the “I know how to navigate to it online” level? These numbers will change the processes of practice and learning support tools.

* When Do We Deliver Learning?: Continuing our exploration of When? - let’s look at different outcomes based on when the learning activity takes place.  When should we do the bulk of on-boarding?  Before they start, on Day 1 or in Week 3, after they settle in?

* Use Levels:  How do we map the actual degree of use for a new skill or readiness?  Can we build a “Utilization” map for how content that is taught is used or not used on-the-job? 

We hope to create dozens of proposed New Numbers for Learning.  Glad to hear your suggestions.  Send a note to 

3. Club Learn Announced: In addition to the over 200 sessions and experiences at Learning 2018, we are now adding a new fun activity - “Club Learn” - a disco party, hosted by our Learning 30 Under 30 Colleagues on Monday night, Nov 5th, at 9:30 pm at Coronado Springs Hotel at Walt Disney World in Orlando. 

There will be music galore and one of our Broadway stars will be teaching a new fun dance, “Learning Soars”. 

Join over 1,700 learning colleagues at Learning 2018.  There are just 70 rooms left at the hotel - so register soon!  Details: 

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