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Learning Blockchain Announcement

TO: Learning Colleagues
FROM: Elliott Masie, Publisher, Learning TRENDS
Learning Blockchain Launching at Learning 2018!

The data world is experimenting with and deploying Blockchain as a model for distributed, synchronized, shareable, and secure data sets - without requiring a single server location.

The MASIE Center and our Learning CONSORTIUM will be launching a new global initiative: Learning Blockchain at Learning 2018.

Learning Blockchain will be an open collaboration of learning systems, resources, data systems, badging, CLO/HR/Talent leaders, and others - creating a trusted Blockchain for the widest learning fields (from K-12 to Workplace and Beyond).

Join us at Learning 2018 as we announce and start the organization of Learning Blockchain. Learners, Learning Producers, Learning Systems, and Businesses can imagine a world where learning data is safely shareable in seconds - in a secure and trusted Blockchain.