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990 - Messaging Apps and Learning, From Slides to Wikis, ChatBots Expanded

Elliott Masie’s Learning TRENDS - February 7, 2018.
#990 - Updates on Learning, Business & Technology Since 1997.
57,915 Readers - - The MASIE Center.
Host: ChatBots for Learning LAB - Feb 21 to 23, Saratoga Springs, NY. 

1. What’s App: Messaging Apps and Learning?
2. From Slides to Wikis: No Elliott PowerPoints In LABS!
3. ChatBots for Learning Expanding! 

1. What’s App: Messaging Apps and Learning? Keep your workplace learning eyes focused on the rise of Messaging Apps.  Think about the number of your employees that have been shifting in their communication, collaboration, task management and personal scheduling.  Here are a few trends: 

* Rapid Decrease in Workers Sending eMail.
* Steady Decrease in Workers Checking eMail Continually.
* Decreased Use of Posted Social Media Internal Sites.
* Mixed Use of Twitter for Corporate Employee Connections.
* Radical Increase in Corporate Messaging Platforms - What’s App, Slack, Jive, WeChat (China).
* Growth of Enterprise Messaging Apps: Facebook, Google, Skype, Zoom.

It is fascinating to watch how “learning and performance” are evolving around these Messaging Apps. 

Some are incorporating ChatBots to allow a worker to ask a question or knowledge-need-query and get an immediate reply or escalation.  In fact, the convergence of Messaging and ChatBots could have a deep impact on curriculum development - as we stack knowledge to be just a message away vs. delivered in a class setting. 

Messaging Apps will also play a key role in Curation as workers are prompted with key content or context through their App vs. a visit to the Portal Site. 

We will also see ways of building our content flow into Messaging App-Ready formats.  (See item #3 Below) 

2. From Slides to Wikis: No Elliott PowerPoints In LABS!  I took a big move as a classroom teacher, running my first LAB last week without any PowerPoint.  Instead of giving out a Deck of Slides the first day (and more each subsequent day), I announced we were in a “No Slide Setting”. 

Instead, we used a real-time curated Wiki for the 46 members of our LAB. 

All graphics and charts were added to the Wiki as we used them.  I had two MASIE Center team members in the LAB who captured real-time notes from the sessions.  They were posted on the Wiki within 30 minutes.  And, we added the video capture of our Guest Expert Interviews to the Wiki. 

I loved being Beyond Slides.  Try it! 

3. ChatBots for Learning Expanding! In two weeks I will host our first ChatBots for Learning LAB - also featuring a focus on Smart Speakers (e.g. Alexa or Google Assistant for Work). 

The research that my team has being doing on the potential for leveraging ChatBots for Learning - as active performance support and workflow support tools - is mind boggling.  The ability to leverage structured and machine-learning-aided ChatBots for employees (and customers) who need to perform a task or learn a readiness is very exciting. 

We have 6 spots remaining in our ChatBots for Learning Lab from Feb 21 to 23.  Go to for complete info and online registration.  Each participant will also receive 2 Smart Speakers and loads of take-home resources. 

Yours in Learning, 

Elliott Masie.
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