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992 - Tech@Learning Expansion, AI/Machine Learning Overstatements, Curation Needs Sharpening

Elliott Masie’s Learning TRENDS - March 1, 2018.
#992 - Updates on Learning, Business & Technology Since 1997.
57,919 Readers - - The MASIE Center.
Host: Curation & Learning LAB - March 21 to 23, Saratoga Springs, NY. 

1. AI/Machine Learning Overstatements!
2. Curation Stress: Users Want to Optimize with Recommendations.
3. Tech@Learning Expansion of Learning 2018 and a New MASIE Website! 

1. AI/Machine Learning Overstatements!  One of the most difficult things to write or talk about is when exciting topics are exaggerated by media and developers.  AI (Artificial Intelligence) and Machine Learning are so exciting - and yet their usage is often a stretch!  

We clearly are on a pathway for significant deployment of Artificial Intelligence in the workplace and the use of Machine Learning can add a whole new degree of adaption, agility and responsiveness to the deployment of technology for performance and learning. 

Therefore, it is tempting to announce AI as an already-arrived reality. 

Yet, if you scratch the surface of most AI claims - what we have is an intermediate and much more modest step - which is Rules-Based Programming. 

It is wonderful when a system, such as a ChatBot, can have hundreds or even thousands of rules to structure responses to questions or interactions. 

Yet, that is NOT Machine Learning or AI.  It is coming from a Rules-Based Engine. 

A recent report by IDG said: “A key way to tell the difference between AI and rules-based engines, is that a rules-based engine will never improve on its own until someone updates the rules. AI improves its accuracy the more it is used. The more you use it the better it becomes. The adaptability of the model is what makes AI work.”  It is online at: 

There is vast work going on in research and development settings to advance Machine Learning and AI.  But, if claims are made prematurely - to impress a customer or internal client - before the technology delivers the significant difference, we will create a level of distrust towards a major force that is heading into our workplaces. 

Technology WILL have a rapid and profound effect on how workers, managers and enterprises support learning and performance.  Let’s not let industry “Early Hype” get in the way! 

2. Curation Stress: Users Want to Optimize with Recommendations!  We have been interviewing Learning Leaders and Managers about Curation of Content.  There is a growing level of Worker Stress about the ever expanding amount of Content, Context and Collaboration that is flowing.  The worker wants and needs targeted Curation Assistance - to help Sort, Optimize and Target their learning time - when reviewing dozens of content choices available on any topic.  Here are a few of the recommendations we are hearing about Curation: 

- Learners Choose the Communication Format for Curation:  Messenger App, eMail, Embedded Content, Learning Portal or Workplace Collaboration System.
- Learners Want to Receive a Reduced and Targeted Set of Content Options.
- Learners Desire a Recommendation System - Aligning Content to Their Needs and Context.
- Learners Are Blending Enterprise and Personal Curation Tools Informally. 

Watch for expanded Curation Tools to flow into LMS, LCMS and LRS systems in the next year.  And, get ready for 3rd party Recommendation Tools to emerge.  Stay tuned! 

3. Tech@Learning Expansion of Learning 2018 and a New MASIE Website:  It is an important year for us at The MASIE Center.  Learning TRENDS is now 20 years old, Learning 2018 will be our 28th Annual Conference and our Learning LABS were started in 1995.  So, we are excited to launch a new website to highlight our focus, services and open source content. Check us out at: 

- MASIE Center and Learning LABS Website: 

We are excited to also announce a new major component of Learning 2018: 

- Tech@Learning 

We will have a wide range of LABS, Technology Galleries, Experiences and Activities addressing the wide range of Tech@Learning.  Participants will be exploring Evolving Learning Systems, Curation Technology, ChatBots, Personalization, Workflow Performance Tech, Wearables and a wide range of Business and Consumer Tech that supports or engages the Learning process.  Details to be announced in the coming weeks. 

Finally, we are pleased to highlight 3 Learning Innovation LABS to be held in Saratoga Springs in the coming 3 months: 

- Curation & Learning LAB - March 21 to 23 - Optimizing Content for the Learner (Several seats still available)
- Diversity & Learning LAB - April 10 to 12 - The Role of Learning in Diversity, Inclusion & Belonging
- ChatBots & Learning LAB - May 1 to 3 - Exploring ChatBots & Smart Speakers in the Workplace 

Details and Registration at 


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