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1004 - 30 Under 30 Learning Leaders; Google Speakable; TV Production Mode for Webinars

Elliott Masie’s Learning TRENDS - July 25, 2018.
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1. 30 Under 30 Learning Leaders Selected!
2. Google Releases “Speakable” for Voice Markup.
3. TV Production Model for Webinars. 

1. 30 Under 30 Learning Leaders Selected!  We are honored to select the 30 Under 30 Learning Leaders for Learning 2018.  These 30 learning colleagues from corporations and government agencies around the world are the next generation of learning leadership and innovation. 

At Learning 2018 (Nov 4 to 7 - Orlando, FL), they will be engaged in leading, facilitating and engaging in Experiences, Sessions and Leadership Development with the 2,000 learning colleagues.  Our 30 Under 30 will help in programs including The Learning Genius Bar, Hour of Code, Gamification and Immersive Video.  Plus, our participants will be able to be in a Reverse Mentoring program with our 30 Under 30’s.  

For a list of these amazing participants in the 30 Under 30 Learning Leader Program go to: 

2. Google Releases “Speakable” for Voice Markup: A new standard has been released by Google that allows a publisher of content either internally in an organization or for wider external use, to “markup” which items are ideal for a Voice Response to a query to their Alexa device. 

“Speakable” would provide a markup language that allows a company to designate which words or sentences would be spoken back to the user when they asked a question such as: “How do we switch the heat level on the cooking oven”.  A document with several pages of instructions and illustrations could also have the key elements highlighted - so that the voice response is targeted and of the right duration for a verbal knowledge set. 

“Speakable” will give the shorter verbal reply and then ask if the user wants to see the full document, that can be sent to their mobile device. 


3. TV Production Model for Webinars: I lead 4 to 8 webinars or online briefings every week.  I have switched my production models to be more like a TV Studio and Video Format.  Here are a few things from my experience: 

* Lighting is Everything:  Get some studio lights ($100 to $200) and you will look smarter, 10 pounds lighter and a few years younger.
* Microphones are Key:  Please don’t use the microphone in your laptop or desktop!  For less then $100, you can buy an amazing USB Microphone.  I use the Neat Widget which looks like an old time radio microphone and is awesome.
* From PowerPoint to Evening News Graphics:  Rather than use a lot of PowerPoint, I take key words or graphics and either swap them out for the video feed — or use a “green screen” to insert them to the right of me, as you would see on an Evening News Show.
* Music Helps: The start and ending of each of our webinars will include some music.  I pick tunes that are either related to the content (You Can’t Always Get What You Want) or are upbeat for the day.
* Broadcast Mentality: If you feel it is a broadcast - you will bring your A Game.
* Time - Less May Be More:  The default is always about one hour.  Yet, most TED Talks are optimal at 18 minutes.  Try making them shorter and more WOW! 

This does not imply that the session should be just one way - there are wonderful ways to build interaction and engagement into a TV model web based broadcast.  Try it and send me a note about your experience to 

Yours in learning, 

Elliott Masie
Twitter: @emasie 

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