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1024 - Everyday Learning, Tableau Acquired, Storytelling and Broadway, TED Job

Elliott Masie’s Learning TRENDS - June 17, 2019.
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Host: Storytelling & Broadway Experience - June 26 in NYC 

1. Everyday Learning vs. Lifelong Learning
2. Tableau (Graphic Data System) Acquired by Salesforce
3. Storytelling & Broadway Experience - 10 Seats Left
4. Cool New Job at TED! 

1. Everyday Learning vs. Lifelong Learning:  In recent months, I have been intrigued with the model of “Everyday Learning!”  While we have strong commitment to Lifelong Learning, where learning is longterm throughout our lives, let’s focus on what happens “everyday”. 

Everyday Learning might include: 

* Five minute simulation, content/context segment, peer conversation or other learning element every morning as I log in to my system.
* Dialogue with 6 peers, around the world, every day right before lunch on a key topic facing the organization.
* A Personal Data Burst of changes to systems, procedures or products every day. 

Our learning systems are not geared to Everyday Learning.  Yet, to make sustainable evolutions in our work skills and procedures, Everyday Learning will be key.  Let’s experiment together on this. 

2. Tableau (Graphic Data System) Acquired by Salesforce: There are only a few technology systems that evoke passion in their users.  Tableau is one of them.  It allows data, from a variety of sources, to be dynamically displayed and used graphically by users.  Very powerful.  And, Tableau was just acquired by Salesforce.  This is part of a trend towards the visualization of data by large tech platforms.  Details at: 

3. Storytelling & Broadway Experience - We have 10 seats available at our new event: 

Storytelling & Broadway: Leadership Experience.
Including Matinee Performance of “The PROM”.
Wednesday, June 26 - New York City
9:00 AM to 5:30 PM
Details and Registration: 

4. Cool New Job at TED:  MASIE Center has been a donor and supporter of TED’s amazing work in spreading their approach to Learning and Development.  TED-Ed has been featured at our events and I have worked alongside them as they have added content and approaches that have made TED one of the most valued sources of content and knowledge by workforces around the world. 

They have just created a cool new job:  Director, Learning & Development Content Solutions. 

If you know of someone that is ready for a great challenge and opportunity, send them to this job posting: 

Special Note: We are about to launch a new series of free Learning Decisions PodCasts.  This is a new series of audio only podcasts - all under 14 minutes in duration - focused on learning innovations and decisions.  Watch for the announcement and link in the coming days. 

Yours in Learning, 

Elliott Masie
Twitter: @emasie 

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- Storytelling & Broadway - June 26 - New York City
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