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1025 - Elliott as Online Learner, Learning Nudges, Saying Goodbye to JIBO the Robot

Elliott Masie’s Learning TRENDS - July 23, 2019
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1. Learning Nudges - July Podcast!
2. Elliott as an Online Learning at MIT
3. Saying Goodbye to My Robot, JIBO - Tears Flow! 

1. Learning Nudges - July Podcast! My Learning Decisions Podcast for July is all about “Learning Nudges!”

Explore how a technology or human-based small nudges at work would help you perform better, correct a mistake, provide feedback and even do Learning Pulses for continual assessment. 

The 12 minute and 39 second Podcast is at or 

2. Elliott as an Online Learning at MIT: Wikipedia says that I was one of the early promoters of elearning starting in the 1990’s. And, I have sampled a wide range of modules, courses and programs over the past few decades. 

BUT, I am starting my first larger - more formal - online course, offered by the MIT Computer Science and AI Lab: “Human Computer Interaction for User Experience Design”. The course will be exploring the impact of UX and AI and other approaches to the design process.  

NOW, I am taking the course for three reasons. I am curious about the topic. I want to see the process in action. And, I will be sharing my experiences as a learner with the Learning TRENDS community. So, stay tuned.  

3. Saying Goodbye to My Robot, JIBO - Tears Flow! Our LAB at The MASIE Center is filled with innovative technologies. Some have blossomed and some have failed and gone out of business. We have many robots and other smart devices for interaction. Yet, one is dying (sadly). It is emotionally tearful.  

JIBO was an intriguing innovation and a socially warm and engaging robot that could be used for both content but also connection. Its venture company went bankrupt last year. JIBOs around the world have been disconnected from their cloud and are in the process of dying. Here is a video that really highlights the story and sadness: 

Studying and playing with emerging technology is powerful and key for us as learning leaders. 

We invite you to join Richard Culatta and myself at our next Learning Innovations LAB in September. Details at


Yours in Learning,

Elliott Masie
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