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11 - China's Workers Take Learning Very Seriously!

1).Class Size: A Fixed or Moving Target? My recent column in Computer Reseller News focused on the assumptions of the training industry when it comes to class size. I ranted about the need to think more flexibly when it comes to class size, location and process. While this article is targeted at training vendors, it will provoke some interesting dialogues with trainers in general. Check it out at:

2) China's Workers Take Learning Very Seriously! We recently received a press release from Guangzhou, a region in China. The news was a survey of adult learning processes. "Over 60 percent of the region's workers reported taking a vocational course in their spare time", was the headline. I emailed the press attache and here is a follow-up blurb from our correspondence:

"With the reform of employment, more and more workers in the southern coastal city have changed their concept of "life-long employment" -- a practice in the past planned economy. Workers organized book-reading societies, knowledge competition and symposiums for themselves."

"In addition, concerned governmental departments supported various vocational courses for in-service workers and layoffs. More than 20,000 laid-off workers, who are about 45 years old, have had the opportunity to learn more skills and found new jobs.The city's young workers also favor self-study programs to improve their educational level."

Yes, the entire world is focusing on the issues of skilling for a new economy. This is a wonderful artifact of that process.

3) TechLearn LIVE! April 1st Broadcast - Reception Sites Grow! We have had a wonderful response from the TechLearn Trends readership and the list of satellite reception sites has grown for this FREE global symposium on learning and technology. We now have sites in 35 states and 6 international locations. If you would like to have your corporation or local group sponsor a TechLearn LIVE gathering in your community, just send me a note to The spirit of this event is to Think Globally and Network Locally!

There still a few seats available in our January 1998 session: The Road to On-Line Learning LAB & Seminar to be held in Saratoga Springs, New York. See for details.

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