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19 - Updates on Learning, Business & Technology

TO: Training & Technology Colleagues
FROM: Elliott Masie
RE: Invitation: TechLearn '98 Program Announcement Conference Call
February 6th or February 11th @ 2:04 PM Eastern Time

Dear Colleagues,

Join me in a 25 minute live telephone press conference to hear the details of TechLearn '98 (November 15 to 18, 1998 in Orlando, Florida). We will announce:

TechLearn '98 Program Focus: (Facing The Skills Gap, Learning in the Digital Age, Next Wave of On-Line Learning and A Fresh Look at Technology Training)
Keynote Speakers: (including General Colin Powell,USA (Retired). Secretary of Labor Robert Reich, PBS Star of Stress: Loretta LaRoche, Don Tapscott, Elliott Masie and many more)
TechLearn Task Forces: (Knowledge Management, On-Line Learning, A Fresh Look at IT Training, Developing Organizational Skills, Balance! for Training Professionals)
The Year Round TechLearn On-Line Courses for Attendees!
Special Disney Activities at TechLearn '98
Co-Hosted Conferences in 1998: CEdMA and ISA
Early Reservation Reward: 25 TechLearn Dollars (for books, tapes and party refreshments)
Update on TechLearn LIVE! Broadcast on April 1st.
You will be able to ask questions during the briefing and join in an instant Benchmark Survey using the touchpad keys on your telephone.

There are 2 times for this teleconference: Friday, February 6, 1998 or Wednesday, February 11, 1998. You will need to make a telephone call to our conference line in Virginia in the United States. Just go to

to get details and reserve a place on the call. This page will give you the telephone number and password. See you on the call!

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