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89 - Implications for AOL/Netscape

1. Implications for AOL/Netscape: What does the proposed AOL/Netscape merger mean for the world of on-line learning and training? AOL is already deep into the e-commerce field, with eyes on training as a core component of services that it can sell. They have a deal with Street Technologies to re-sell content on a pay for use model. We would not be surprised to see AOL take Netscape down the road to embed capabilities that would be training or knowledge management ready. There are some core culture issues that a merger would have to handle, but this could a powerful blend of installed bases and functionality.

2. TechLearn Top Story in ComputerWorld: We were pleasantly surprised to see that ComputerWorld featured TechLearn '98 as it's top story in the on-line edition. Check it out at They covered the various perceptions of attendees as they integrate technology into the world of training. Also, check out the pictures of the Missiles we had in the lobby of the conference. Also, we now have dozens of the session proceedings on-line at The complete conference proceedings will be posted in the weeks ahead.

3. SkillSoft Launches New Company: A major new company burst on to the learning scene last week. SkillSoft launched it's company at TechLearn. SkillSoft is a well-funded, experienced player targeting the management and "soft skills" segment. The management team came from the group that built up NETg and has a strong business and instructional plan. Check them out at

4. Intel Team Station Video Conferencing a Hit! We used a new video conferencing system at TechLearn to bring a few guests to the conference (Bob Pike, my mother and guests from Canada and beyond). We used Intel's Team Station system. What was awesome about this system was it's size (small), it's ability to use ISDN lines, WAN and the internet. The cost is quite reasonable and performed perfectly. The system can also be used as a presentation system in a conference room and can access content from a corporate network to use in a meeting. This is cool. Site location is

5. The Road to On-Line Learning LAB. If you would like to get up close and personal with the emerging field of on-line learning, consider attending our Road to On-Line Learning LAB and Seminar to be held in Saratoga Springs on December 14th and 15th. We have the latest in examples of training approaches, a state of the art lab for participants and lots of time for your questions and interests. (Plus, Saratoga Springs is a great place to shop for the holidays). The course is described in detail at

Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

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