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88 - Special Report from Miami, FL - Post-TechLearn Edition

#88 - - - November 23, 1998 - - - 21,237 Readers
TechLearn Trends --- Technology & Learning Updates

(Special Report from Miami, FL - Post-TechLearn Edition)

Dear TechLearn Trends Readers:

TechLearn '98 was attended by 1,767 learning, training and technology colleagues. Here are a few of the highlights:

* General Colin Powell addressed the importance of the role of the instructor in both learning and role modeling for workers. He recounted his experience as a trainer in the U.S. Army and linked it to the need to inspire and support young people in our societies.

* Secretary Robert Reich drilled down into the core economic and business changes that are underway in our world and the need for us to significantly alter our investments in learning and training.

* Don Tapscott detailed the shifts in expectations of new employees as they enter the world of work from the world of networking.

* Loretta LaRoche used humor to stress the importance of dealing with stress. Her approach to adding balance to our lives hit home was laugh filled power.

The complete site of resources from the Conference will be posted on-line after Thanksgiving, including the results from our Problem/Solution Sessions and Special Sponsor Sessions.

Thanks to all of our attendees, coaches and the readers of TechLearn Trends for their support.

Coming Events and Resources:
* We will be sponsoring a TechLearn DAY, with hundreds of regional and local meetings throughout the world in late March. Using technology and local hosting, this will be a series of FREE conferences focusing on technology and learning. Watch for details in the coming weeks.

* There are 14 spaces available in our upcoming Road to On-Line Learning Seminar in Saratoga Springs, NY (December 14 and 15th). Just go to for details and on-line registrations.

* Registrations are opening for TechLearn '99, to be held in Orlando from Oct 31 to Nov 3rd. Mark the dates and watch for details.

(I will be hanging out in Miami with my mom, taking a bit of time off after the Conference. We'll all be back in the office after Thanksgiving. Elliott)

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