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87 - YIPINET Launches On-Line Learning Through Associations; HDTV to PC's

1. YIPINET Launches - On-Line Learning Through Associations: A new company was announced yesterday, YIPINET, which is focusing on delivering on-line learning in collaboration with associations and uses a neat look and feel to their programs. YIPINET stands for Your Interactive Personal Instructor on the Net, and focuses on the vast continuing education marketplace. One of the founders was from Activision and you can sense the media background of the company. They will be offering a wide range of professional development courses, such as continuing education for financial services professionals. You can check out their first preview courses at

The MASIE Center believes that associations will play a key role in the growth of on-line learning and YIPINET's announcement follows that line.

2. HDTV to PC's: Several technology manufacturers announced the launch of a capability to receive and display HDTV on a desktop PC. This technology will require two cards and will cost around $900. HDTV is an intriguing technology to watch as one of the bellwether indicators of convergence of television, computers and other media formats. Ironically, I have a cool PC TV card in my computer and the last show that I watched with the Winter Olympics in Japan.

3. David Vaughn from Anheuser-Busch University to Lead Dialogue at TechLearn '98: We are pleased to announce a "just-in-time" addition to TechLearn '98: David Vaughn, from Anheuser Busch University. They are doing some truly cutting edge work on the linkage of training, learning and the business goals of Anheuser Busch. David, a Group Director, will be interviewed by me at TechLearn '98 (November 15 to 18th) and will share how their company is aligning performance and training efforts across the full spectrum of delivery models. David is one of the neat thinkers and movers in the process of "Reinventing Training"

There are spaces available for your "just in time" registration for TechLearn '98, which starts on Sunday. Just yesterday we took 40 registrations to join the 1,765 professionals coming to the conference. There are affordable flights and hotel rooms. Just call 1-800-98-MASIE or go to for last minute or walk in registration. See you in Orlando!

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