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86 - 40% of Home Computer Owners to Shop On-Line

1. Key Issues in IT & Computer Training: At TechLearn '98, I will be presenting a session entitled "A Fresh Lookn at IT & Computer Training". Here are the key "bullets" that we developed at The MASIE Center in our trend analysis of the training for technology challenge:

* IT & Computer Training has moved from a specialized slice of the training industry to a fully mainstream component of learning.
* IT & Computer Training is significantly larger than most studies indicate. The vast majority of training is being delivered through informal, self-study and by non-authorized centers and educational groups. In addition, a large amount of training is being delivered by groups and organizations that are normally seen as support rather than training groups.
* IT & Computer Training is increasingly being blended into functional topics. An example would be sales force automation or project management. Both of these topics contain a large amount of computer training, yet are organized and delivered as topical offerings.
* IT & Computer Training topics that will grow dramatically in the next 36 months include:
---- Developer (building the next generation of program developers)
---- Network (building and managing networks)
---- Content (creating and building on-line content for intranets and internets)
---- E-Transactions (building e-commerce and other browser based internal and external transactions)
---- Productivity (integration of technical functionality into work processes)
---- Information Skills (how to strategically use information)
---- Collaboration and Learning (building collaboration and learning applications)
---- Enterprise (leveraging enterprise database systems at the business unit level)
* IT & Computer Training will expand dramatically the formats and forms of training delivery
* IT & Computer Training needs to go back to the installed base and address poor desktop skills and habits
* IT & Computer Training suppliers will expand to include more retail oriented groups and format flexible suppliers.

More about these topics in our dialogues @ TechLearn '98 (

2. 40% of Home Computer Owners to Shop On-Line: Two recent studies gave some news that has intriguing implications for on-line learning. Both pointed to a dramatic rise in the percentage of computer users planning to purchased goods for the holiday season via on-line e-commerce. They targeted a rise from single digits yesterday to 40% this year. The implications for e-learning are enormous. The more the population becomes comfortable using PC's for sales transactions, the greater the acceptance for other types of transactions, including learning and training. We are tracking the changes in home use of computer as one of the indicators of changes in popular perceptions of the functionality of computers. Stay tuned.

3. Relax You Only Have a Few Minutes Left!: That is the message of Loretta LaRoche, one of our keynote speakers at next week's TechLearn Conference. Loretta is best known for her PBS Show, The Joy of Stress. She will be part of our Balance! effort at TechLearn to look at how we can use our roles as training leaders to create healthier balances for our organizations (and ourselves). Take her Laughter Self Test at

4. 23 Countries Coming to TechLearn! We are pleased to welcome training, learning and technology colleagues to TechLearn '98 (November 15 to 18th, 1998 in Orlando, FL). We will be gathering data from our international colleagues and posting it in a future trends. Representatives from China, South Africa, Saudi Arabia, Ireland, Israel, Brazil, Australia and many other part of the world will come to Orlando this weekend.

LAST MINUTE AND WALK-IN REGISTRATIONS: We have saved 100 spaces for last minute and walk-in registrations. There are affordable hotels and flights available. If you can make a "just in time" decision, just go to our website or call 800-98-MASIE.

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