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95 - Deloitte and Touche Trigger Outsourcing Company with Learning Focus; On-Line Shopping This Season to Pave Way for @ Work Transactions

1. Deloitte and Touche Trigger Outsourcing Company with Learning Focus: Deloitte and Touche has spun out one of it's units to form a new company...with a special interest in learning. EPS Solutions Thursday announced its formation, immediately becoming the largest integrated outsourcing company in the country with anticipated annual revenues of $250 million. The company was created upon the combination of a group of leading profit recovery, cost reduction and performance improvement companies and the purchase of Integrated Cost Reduction Strategies, a business unit of Deloitte & Touche LLP.

EPS Solutions is the first horizontally integrated national firm in the $100 billion-plus U.S. outsourcing industry. For the first time, businesses will be able to tap into a full range of outsourcing solutions with a single point of contact. The company operates in five distinct business areas and provides services to more than 50 percent of the Fortune 1000 companies. EPS Solutions has secured and intends to maintain leading market positions in the areas of Disbursement Management, Personnel Outsourcing, Performance Learning, Healthcare Services, and Benefit Funding.

Watch for their role in the growing consolidation of the Learning Marketplace

2. On-Line Shopping This Season to Pave Way for @ Work Transactions: By all accounts, on-line shopping has hit the big one this season. A variety of polls indicate that as many as 40% of North American computer owners are purchasing at least one gift on-line this season. This has intriguing implications for the learning culture. As we get more accustomed to clicking our way through transactions at home, it will build an expectation of doing the same at the office. We believe that the growth of the on-line marketplace will create a large expectation of being able to get just what we want from our desktops at work...including learning content.

I have also been amazed at the rate of growth of the DVD (Digital Video Disk) segment. In an earlier TechLearn TRENDS we predicted the rise of this new technology which has enormous implications for the training delivery industry. Watch for early 1999 training products in the DVD format.

3. Learning Quotation: Nietzsche This week's quote comes from David Francis, Engage Interactive, Canada:

"The more abstract the truth you want to teach the more you must seduce the senses to it"
- Friedrich Nietzsche (From: Beyond Good and Evil)

Keep those quotes coming....just send them to

4. Y2K Training Challenges: Human Issues: The MASIE Center has been conducting a scan of current corporate approaches to managing the Y2K issue. We are convinced that next year the focus will expand to deal with managing the people side of Y2K. Almost 99% of Y2K expenditures to date have been appropriately focused on the analysis and correction of vulnerabilities in existing coding and technology. In 1999, Y2K coordinators are going to widen their scope to help prepare the workforce for the 2 month window around January 1, 2000.

Some of the Y2K "People" issues will include preparing workers for both ends of the spectrum on the outcome of Y2K efforts. At one extreme are real process failures while at the other end, nothing bad happens. In both scenario's it will be critical for organizations to have a response. Rumor control, expectation setting and even appreciation (if all that work PREVENTS a Y2K snag). We believe that the Y2K efforts are going to extend to the center of the world of training and human resources in the next 12 months.

(Note: I will be presenting a variety of keynote speeches and workforce briefings on Y2K: The Human Side --- Let's Get Focused in the next couple of months. If your organization is interested in this type of presentation, please contact Cathy Masie at 800-98-MASIE or

5. Skills for On-Line Trainers Seminar in D.C.: We are proud to announce the next edition of our Skills for On-Line Trainers Seminar in Washington, D.C. on January 25 and 26th. This seminar has been recently redesigned and focuses on helping subject matter experts and trainers get ready to work with the newest on-line and distributed learning tools. Information at

6. Follow-Up for TechLearn '98: Here is a note for attendees of our recent TechLearn '98 Conference:
* Post-Conference CD in Production: We will be pressing your post-conference CD at the beginning of January. It is jam packed with lots of information, highlights from keynote speeches and all of the outcomes and handouts from problem solution sessions.
* SIGs to Open in January: We have created a special SIG board for all of the TechLearn SIGs. We will open this area the first week in January.

Upcoming MASIE Center Events:
- The Busine$$ of On-Line Learning Conference: Seattle, WA - March 3 and 4, 1999
- TechLearn '99, Orlando, Florida - October 31 to November 3, 1999
- FREE TechLearn Regional Meetings: March 17, 1999 --- Watch for details in early January.

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