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93 - Kelly Launches On-Line Campus for Scientists

1. Survey on Email - Please Take 2 Minutes to Reply: Our next TechLearn Trends Survey is now on-line. The topic this week is email. The 2 minute survey will collect valuable information on the use of email, volume of email and potential of email for learning activities. Please go to to take this quick survey (and pass the word to your colleagues.) We will have a complete analysis of results in 10 days here on Trends.

2. Learning Quotation: Ben Franklin: Thanks to Melanie Leschnik, Training Manager for the Dept. of Treasury Headquarters in Washington, D.C. for the following quote:

"An investment in knowledge always pays the best interest."
-- Ben Franklin

3. Kelly Launches On-Line Campus for Scientists: Kelly Scientific Resources, the scientific business unit of staffing provider, Kelly Services, today unveiled the next step in its employee career development initiative: a virtual campus. The Science Learning Center, at, provides scientific workplace skills training to anyone with Internet access.

"All scientists have an obligation to keep their skills current. For many, that obligation includes annual safety certifications. Since we're almost at the first of the year, we chose to make our first available courses address health and safety regulations," said Rolf Kleiner, senior vice president and general manager of Kelly Scientific Resources. There are 12 courses currently available. KSR will add protocol training courses, such as the FDA's Good Laboratory Practices, early in the new year. "A key benefit of the SLC campus is that it consolidates courses at one location on the Internet," said Kleiner.

4. TechLearn '99: Loretta LaRoche Returns on Balance and Humor: In only 11 months, TechLearn '99 will begin. The MASIE Center is finalizing our keynote speakers to give folks the ability to reserve the dates as early as possible. We are pleased to begin with the exciting news that Loretta LaRoche, the PBS Host of Joy of Stress and a favorite speaker at this year's conference will return in 1999. Loretta will present both a keynote address and an intensive skills pre-conference workshop entitled: "Balance!", focusing on the bringing balance to the crazy lives we lead as training and technology favorites. If you would like to make an early reservation for the conference, just send me an email at and we will slot you in. Our goal is to fill the conference before we have to send out a paper brochure. Watch for several additional speaker announcements in the weeks ahead.

5. Confusion Questions as Gifts to Learners: The problem with being confused is the difficulty of asking a question! When I'm confused, it is almost impossible for me to formulate a question to get out of my quandary. A great gift for learners is a listing of the questions that other people have asked when learning a specific topic. I stumbled on this technique 20 years ago when I was teaching a class of abnormally passive learners. I never got a single question during the first day. So, overnight I drafted a short list of questions that other learners have asked me during similar classes. Wow! The students got deeply more animated and would even "order by number". "My question is #5, plus an extra little question." Try it.

Upcoming MASIE Center Events:
* Road to On-Line Learning LAB & Seminar (Saratoga Springs, NY 12/14 -15/98)
* Skills for On-Line Trainers Seminar (Washington, DC 1/25 - 26/99)
* Busine$$ of On-Line Learning Conference (March 1999 in Seattle)
* Free Regional Conferences: TechLearn LIVE! Day in March 1999
* TechLearn '99: Oct. 31 to Nov. 3rd (Orlando, Florida, USA) Information at or 800-98-MASIE

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