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47 - JITNOT: Just In The Nick of Time Training!; Print a Personalized Newsletter from the Intranet/Internet; The Training Room of the Future!; Rotating Notetakers in Classrooms

1. JITNOT: Just In The Nick of Time Training! You have probably heard the phrase, JIT, which stands for Just in Time. Yesterday, while presenting at the Lockheed Martin Training Conference, I heard a great new twist on this phrase. Candice Phelan, Manager of Corporate Training and Development at Lockheed Martin has coined the phrase: JITNOT - Just in the NICK OF TIME. It describes the rapid development pressure that training departments are under in meeting the needs of business units. I smiled at this one!

2. Print a Personalized Newsletter from the Intranet/Internet. We are still a long, long way from the paperless office. In fact, targeted printing is a great way to extend on-line knowledge transfer. HP has released a new utility that can be used to create daily or weekly personalized print newsletters for each learner. HP Web PrintSmart takes selective HTML content and creates readable formats. We think a utility like this can be easily used in the learning community. Check it out at

3. The Training Room of the Future! We were recently hosted at Steelcase, a major designer of office furniture systems. Their training room would be the envy of every training manager, with awesome flexibility in the seating, A/V and ambiance. Our assignment was to help brainstorm what the training room of the future will require to leverage changes in learning technology and training models. They are building a new training center and are interested in hearing from other corporations that are building "out of the box" training facilities. If you have built an interesting training center and would be willing to share your experiences, send me an email at This is a great topic for a dialogue, so we are adding a brainstorming session at TechLearn '98, where all participants will get a chance to design the learning facilities of the future.

4. Rotating Notetakers in Classrooms. Here is a simple idea to create learning reference content for members of your next class. Make the taking of notes a collaborative, rotating process. Each learner is given a one hour period to take very detailed notes, for the rest of the class. This can be done in long-hand or with a rotating laptop. The content can be edited by the trainer and the results can be printed out, posted as a website or sent as an email. The detail and perspectives that come from an intense hour of note taking in a longer class will create a wonderful set of resources for the learners.

5. AOL Buys ICQ, Collaborative Market Gets Hot! AOl purchased the product line of ICQ, from Mirabilis. They paid hundreds of millions of dollars for this new product which has 0 profits to date. Why? ICQ is used to create instant chat and web presence sensing between remote users. Millions of users have already downloaded this utility. Watch for the marketplace of collaborative technology to soar in the next 24 months. Info about ICQ is at

6. Four Groups to Co-Host TechLearn '98: We are proud to announce that four groups will be co-hosting TechLearn '98. Each of these groups will have a co-sited conference at the event in Orlando in November. ISA (Instructional Systems Association), CEdMA (The Computer Education Management Association), On-Line Learning Council and The TechLearn Collaborative (50 Organizations Collaborating Together). In addition, a wide range of companies are scheduling trainers conferences at TechLearn '98. To register for TechLearn '98, just go to

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