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48 - Special Report from The Hague, Netherlands - Technology & Learning '98

1. Harvard Manage Mentor: On-Line Management Resource A number of large corporations are looking towards Harvard Business School Publishing to jump start their provision of on-line resources in the management skills arena. Harvard Manage Mentor is an on-line resource, delivered over corporate intranets that include management tips, tools and checklists, including relevant articles from Harvard Business Review. Their business model is to lease access to this collection, focusing on topics like coaching, hiring, time management and setting goals, to the organization on a site license basis for a minimal fee for user. There is also a capacity to add corporate resources. You can check out an on-line demo of this service at

2. School of the Future Visited. While in Netherlands this week, we had the opportunity to visit the site of a new institution in Hertogenbosch. The Dutch government has commissioned the creation of a School of the Future, to create prototypes for how the next generation will learn and study. Focusing on the age range of late teens and early twenties, the School of The Future will feature the latest in learning technologies and collaborative processes to extend the power of education. They are in the final stages of construction on a building site that would make all of us training professionals jealous. It will contain a blend of learning lab setups, technology hosting facilities for distributed events and models for coaching and simulation.

The director of the School of the Future, Ian Ginn, detailed their desire to be a spoke in a worldwide hub of research and development for learning and technology. We made an on-the-spot arrangement to bring Ian and the School to the TechLearn '98 Conference in November via video. We'll tour their new facility which will have just opened in November and look at the state of learning technology in Europe. You can check out their emerging web site at and see a picture of the building as it nears completion.

3. IT Training Industry Booming in Europe. I was honored to be the keynote speaker at the Technology and Learning '98 Event in the Hague. The learning marketplace is booming. The same key issues face learning organizations worldwide: doing more with less; extending the reach of classrooms and figuring the PLUS and MINUS of on-line learning. On the second day of the Conference, there was a special symposium for IT Training Companies in the Netherlands. Over 100 entrepreneurs attended a frank dialogue about the future of computer training. The skills gap is live and well in their country and their organization, VOI, is focused on coordinating the country's training marketplace to address the future issues. Thanks to SPC Training for hosting me in their country and helping to bring together these marketplace meetings.

4. WTMT: "Worthless to Me Tomorrow" Added to Expanded List: In our last TechLearn Trends, JITNOT (Just in the Nick of Time) made its debut. Dawn Adams from Asymetrix has written in with three additional phrases that would suggest the crazy times we all work in: CUIY: Could've Used It Yesterday; ADMI: Almost Didn't Make It; WTMT: Worthless To Me Tomorrow

5. Sybase Launches Next Generation Learning System: Sybase has launched a new learning architecture and delivery model for training. I had a chance to preview it in Holland and was impressed with the structure and ease of use that is embedded into this new technology. Rapid development is also a core element in their model. The model assumes a pre and post-class on-line component and a technology facilitated in-class component. Check out a demo at Sybase's web site and follow the path to Next Generation Learning at

6. Host a Regional Meeting for TechLearn LIVE! Broadcast in September! The second TechLearn LIVE Satellite Broadcast will be hosted at more than 300 sites around the world on September 10th. Consider hosting a 3 hour meeting at your site. If you have access to a satellite disk (KU, C Band or Digital) or a video conferencing setup, you can be the local site for a gathering of training, learning and technology colleagues. Last April 1st, over 17,000 folks attended one of these sessions. We anticipate over 25,000 participants this Fall. @e are asking local contacts to host an additional one hour roundtable on learning and technology issues and concerns. Organizations may also sign up to receive this on an in-house basis as well. There are NO costs or fees charged. To sign up, just go to We will post a list of sites in the middle
of July.

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