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68 - Time Shifting More Critical Than Distance in Distance Learning; Technology Analysis Frenzy Over Starr Report

1. Time Shifting More Critical Than Distance in Distance Learning. The more we listen to users of on-line and distance learning programs, the less it seems to be about DISTANCE. In fact, the major element is increasingly SHIFTING TIME. Learners, even those that are right next to the classroom or campus, are choosing this new delivery in order to allow learning to take place WHEN they want.

In conversations with distance learning coordinators at higher education institutions they are seeing more and more of their learners come from local communities rather than far away. Likewise, on-line training coordinators in corporations are reporting that a large driver is TIME SHIFTING rather than travel reduction.

2. net.LEARNING Web Site Opened: Millions Watch PBS Show. The net.LEARNING show on PBS has now opened up a robust web site with content from the show, dialogues and other resources. Check it out at We are planning on giving a TechLearn '98 award to the producers of this show.

3. Technology Analysis Frenzy Over Starr Report. In addition to the endless coverage of the Starr Report over the weekend, the technology side of internet document distribution also was high on the analysis. I spent some time with a reporter who was writing a story on the "defining moment of the internet" slant on the story. Our comments focused on how there was little dialogue about access to the internet. It was hardly even mentioned in the debate. The "Net" was assumed to be available to all citizens. The other side of the story was the issue of standards and processes for disseminating material. "Just because you can distribute a document, should you?" Challenges were even leveled at corporate intranet managers on whether to block the sites from a bandwidth and adult content perspective.

4. Reading Club for Learning: TechLearn '98 Bookstore to Be Hosted by ISPI. We are pleased to announce that a special Bookstore for Learning will be created at TechLearn '98, in cooperation with ISPI (International Society for Performance Improvement ( We will have a wide range of books on learning, training and technology at TechLearn '98. This is a cool opportunity to actually see and browse these books. A few of our faculty will help design a TechLearn Bookshelf of a selection of books that would assist organizations in their efforts to reinvent training. You will be able to spend your free $25 TechLearn Dollars in the bookstore. TechLearn '98 will be held in Orlando, Florida at Disney World on November 15 to 18, 1998. There are currently over 1,400 of your colleagues registered. For complete information and on-line reservations go to

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