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69 - Try On-Line Learning: Free Class on 3 Roads to Learning Futures; New Models for Discussions

1. Try On-Line Learning: Free Class on 3 Roads to Learning Futures. Lots of people talk about on-line learning without trying it. The MASIE Center, in conjunction with Placeware, invites you to a free one hour on-line class, using a world-wide telephone conference call and simultaneous web based interaction. The title of the talk that Elliott Masie will be presenting is: 3 Roads to Learning Futures. It will focus on the 3 big paths that knowledge has to travel:

* Getting content from experts to learning activities.
* Getting learning activities to the screen of learners.
* Getting knowledge from the screen to the hearts, minds and skill collections of learners.

You will need to pre-register for this FREE one hour event. Go to this URL: The class will be held on Sept 29 or Oct 1, 1998 at 12 Noon Pacific (3 PM Eastern). You will receive a url for accessing the program and a telephone number for the audio component.

2. New Models for Discussions. In classrooms, discussions flow naturally. Sometimes they result from a need to process content, other times they are sparked by a learner's question and sometimes they are even the result of a trainer needing to rest for a few moments.

When we move learning to an on-line model, there is a balance between the scheduled event based discussion and the ones that flow from the moment. I've been seeing a large resistance to tightly scheduled chats, in either text or voice. It is hard to predict when the learner needs or desires to interact.

We are exploring ways in which discussions will be triggered and facilitated in a more open format. Watch for new technology that will allow learners to drive the timing of a discussion and also have access to just in time coaching desks for immediate verbalization needs.

3. TechLearn $25 Dollars to Extend to October 1st. With over 1,400 folks registered for TechLearn '98, we didn't want to leave anyone out of the offer of $25 Free TechLearn dollars. These will now be given to everyone who registers by October 1st. They can be used to buy books at the ISPI/TechLearn Bookstore, tapes of sessions and even drinks at the Disney Party. To reserve a space in TechLearn '98 (November 15 to 18, 1998 in Orlando, FL) go to

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