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70 - Special Report from Saratoga Springs - Jewish New Year

1. Multi-Event, Multi-Player On-Going Simulations Awesome Learning Envelopes. Simulations are powerful tools for high engagement learning. One of the powerful improvements that the internet has made to simulations is the opportunity for multi-event, multi-player on-going simulations.

I have been participating in an interesting experiment with one free simulation. I know almost nothing about the economics of Hollywood. So, I joined (and you can join for free as well), The Hollywood Stock Market. Go to and sign up. I received $2,000,000 of play money and have been participating in a daily buying and selling of Hollywood oriented stock: stars, movies and other properties. It works as an enormous multi-player game, with over 100,000 regular players.

There are columns to read, analyst perspectives and plenty of context. This game has caught the imagination of Hollywood agents and studios as well, as an intriguing tool for gauging public sentiment and response.

I encourage TechLearn Trends readers to spend a bit of time on this site: and see how you react to this type of simulation. I believe that these are models for corporate on-line learning and staff development. Interested in your reactions to

2. Knowledge Management Survey in Europe Shows Key Trends. A recent survey by Cranfield School of Management in the UK sheds some intriguing light on European corporate approaches to Knowledge Management:

- Definition of Knowledge Management: 70% of the respondents chose the following summary of knowledge management: A business focused approach - " the collection of processes that govern the creation, dissemination, and utilization of knowledge to fulfil organizational objectives".

- Spending on Knowledge Management: The current average spend on knowledge management is 3.3% of revenue and is expected to rise to 5.5% in 3 years time - an increase of two thirds.

- Relevance of Knowledge Management: The following five issues came out as the most significant: gaining competitive edge; increasing profits; developing new products/services; instigating change and improving efficiency.

3. Wells Fargo and University of Phoenix Partner for Skills Gap Solution: Our colleagues at Wells Fargo Bank emailed us with an announcement about their new partnership with University of Phoenix aimed at the IT skills gap.

The Wells Fargo IT College Program, the objective is to provide broad knowledge of IT concepts and current technologies to selected Wells Fargo employees, enabling them to implement information technology solutions across many diverse environments. Beginning in the summer of 1998, classes will be offered over a six-month period at University of Phoenix campuses in Phoenix and in Northern California.

According to Barry X Lynn, CIO, Wells Fargo Customer Information Group, this education partnership with UOP will allow the company to further develop skills of existing employees who are already knowledgeable about Wells Fargo and its culture.

4. TechLearn '98 Solicits Problem Solution Volunteers. The core piece of the TechLearn '98 Conference are the Problem Solution Sessions. These are brainstorming and solution dialogue sessions led by TechLearn '98 participants aimed at key questions we face in implementing new approaches to learning and technology. The results are published instantly on our conference intranet and are great take-aways for all conference attendees. If you would like to add your name to our volunteer list, please send an email to (Note: TechLearn '98 registration information is available at The url for last year's problem solution brainstorming results is

(Personal Note: Tomorrow is Rosh Hashanna, the Jewish New Year. A joyous time to celebrate another year of life and wonder. Happy New Year to all TechLearn Readers. May we have a good year of exploring the life enhancing capacity of learning and technology. Elliott & Cathy Masie.)

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