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71 - Updates on Learning, Business & Technology

1. Challenges of Shorter Cycle Times: The pressure is on for cycle time, the distance between idea conception and implementation. Organizations are viewing cycle time reduction as a major target for improvement. In rapidly changing markets, the goal is to be able to "turn on a dime", altering products or processes as soon as conditions change. And, that places new emphasis on the speed of delivery of corporate learning and training.

Distance and On-Line Learning projects are increasingly being justified by the need to reduce cycle time. Industrial age models of slow roll-outs of new processes or skills are not perceived to be cycle-time sensitive. The speed of development, the speed of distribution and the rate at which the new skill-set can be absorbed globally is at the heart of cycle time training reduction efforts. Keep the phrase on your radar screen!

2. Qualcomm Launches SmartPhone: Mobile On-Line Learning: Qualcomm has announced a new product that will add serious capability to mobile based learning. The Smartphone is the blend of the Palm Pilot from 3Com and a cellular phone. Users will be able to browse corporate intranets and access on-line learning and corporate databases using the popular Palm Pilot computing device interface. The product will be rolled out at the end of 1998. Check it out at:

3. Free On-Line Learning Course from The MASIE Center: This is the last reminder about our free on-line learning program that will be offered next week. This class will focus on 3 Roads to Learning Futures. We invite you to a free one hour on-line class, using a world-wide telephone conference call and simultaneous web based interaction. The title of the talk that Elliott Masie will be presenting is: 3 Roads to Learning Futures. It will focus on the 3 big paths that knowledge has to travel:
* Getting content from experts to learning activities.
* Getting learning activities to the screen of learners.
* Getting knowledge from the screen to the hearts, minds and skill collections of learners.
The class will be held twice next week, on Tuesday and Thursday (Sept 29 and Oct. 1st). Details and reservations at:

bgv: TechLearn '98 (November 15 to 18th in Orlando, Florida) will a major focus on approaches to Reinventing Training. We will host a series of sessions looking at how Training Departments and training professionals can align training with business objectives, new roles and examples of significant evolutions of training structures. Reserve your space at TechLearn '98 at . Over 1,500 colleagues registered and space is limited. I look forward to meeting TechLearn Trends readers in Orlando.

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