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585 - On-The-Job Training, 10 Ways Sessions & Disruptive Learning  Technologies

Learning TRENDS by Elliott Masie - July 23, 2009.
#585 - Updates on Learning, Business & Technology.
54,769 Readers - - The MASIE Center.
Host - Learning 2009 - Nov 8-11 - Orlando, Florida

1. On-the-Job Training - A Second Look.
2. “Disruptive Learning Technologies” by Tony O’Driscoll at Learning 2009.
3. 10 Ways Sessions - 5 Minutes on 10 Strategies!

1. On-the-Job Training - A Second Look: I was interviewed this week by a journalist from London who asked what my current “Rant” was about Learning. My answer surprised me: “On-The-Job Training!” The phrase OJT was used extensively for decades but has sort of fallen off the learning and training radar screen. Yet, when you ask a dozen workers in almost any organization about how they learned their job - most will point to On-The-Job Training. If we define OJT in the broadest sense, it might include all of e-Learning and Performer Support technology. But, zoom in a bit and think of the process of one worker teaching another worker how to do a task in the workplace, and we still have a huge chunk of learning activity. Ironically, most organizations don’t deeply focus on how to make On-The-Job Training (or Learning) more effective. I believe that the learning field needs to “re-appreciate” the importance of OJT in several ways:

* Training Managers: Let’s train our managers in how to best leverage OJT - from techniques to time allocation.
* Job Descriptions: Let’s put OJT into the Job Descriptions of many of our workers - so that they see time spent on training peers as a legitimate and appreciated part of their roles.
* Blended OJT: Let’s explore how to best combine e-Learning with OJT.
* OJT Lesson Plans and Support Tools: Let’s develop highly specific “road-maps” of content and context to use in OJT.
* OJT 2.0: It will be fun to develop a new and future-facing view of OJT that includes Social Learning, Performer Support and more.
* Researching Best Practices in OJT: It is time for the learning field to take a fresh look at best practices and evidence-based research on the use of OJT.

I would love to hear from Learning TRENDS readers about the topic of OJT. Send a note to

2. “Disruptive Learning Technologies” by Tony O’Driscoll at Learning 2009: One of our most popular keynoters from last year’s Learning conference was Tony O’Driscoll. Tony is on the faculty at Duke University and is a great thinker on the “Disruptive” (eg. Good and Bad) nature of technologies for learning. He has been exploring the impact of 3D, Virtual and other Social Media. We are pleased to announce that Tony will be featured in creative “blended/virtual” keynote segment at Learning 2009. Tony and I will explore the reality, hype and organizational implications for a range of Disruptive Learning Technologies. Registration at

3. 10 Ways Sessions - 5 Minutes on 10 Strategies! We have been experimenting with a format for high intensity and high utility agendas for face-to-face training: 10 Ways Sessions! These are scheduled for one hour (or at most 90 minutes) and are all targeted at workable “ways”. For example, a one hour session for managers in your organization could be organized called “10 Ways to Engage Teleworkers”. The facilitator reaches out to find 2, 5 or even 10 different folks that will each lead a rapid-fire 5 minute segment on a “way”. It is timed, moves along and often asks the participants to add the last 1 or two “ways”. I have been using this technique on webinars and video conference events as well. In fact, at Learning 2009, we are presenting a range of “10 Ways” sessions including:

* Ten Ways to Increase Learning Efficiency
* Ten Ways to Market Learning
* Ten Ways to Make Learning More Global “Ready”
* Ten Ways to Revise and Reframe Leadership Development
* Ten Ways to Improve Search Skills/Results
* Ten Ways to Increase Content ReUse

A few tips to facilitators and designers: Add a visible count-down timer, sequence the “ways” carefully, focus on action steps (less on theory) and have a shared set of follow-on resources, links and assets.

Elliott Masie

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