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586 - CNN Action Video Lab at Learning 2009, Innovation Article, Smokers in the Classroom?

Learning TRENDS by Elliott Masie - July 30, 2009.
#586 - Updates on Learning, Business & Technology.
54,774 Readers - - The MASIE Center.
Host - Learning 2009 - Nov 8-11 - Orlando, Florida

1. CNN to Host Video Action Lab at Learning 2009!
2. “Platforms for Collaboration” - Innovation Article.
3. Old Memory: Smokers on the Right Side of the Room.

1. CNN to Host Video Action Lab at Learning 2009! We are honored to have CNN host a special “Video Action Lab” at Learning 2009. To demonstrate the ability of rapidly utilizing “User Video” for learning and support, we will provide cameras and coaching to a group of participants at Learning 2009. Over several days, led by Ben Coyte (CNN’s Newsgathering Training Supervisor), they will hone their skills as they shoot and edit targeted video clips that could be used in their organizations. Yes: video can be quick, simple, low-cost and effective!

In addition, we will deeply explore the changing expectations of learners for the use of video in their learning process. Updates for Learning 2009 can be found at:

2. “Platforms for Collaboration” - Innovation Article. Here is an article that focuses on three types of Collaboration Platforms: Exploration, Experimentation and Execution. As organizations leverage collaboration, how do their objectives shape the format and style of the process? Written by By Satish Nambisan from RPI for the Stanford Social Innovation Review, it’s worth a read. Download the article at

3. Old Memory - Smokers on the Right Side of the Room?: I was with a group of colleagues that I have known for over 25 years this past weekend. We were reminiscing about training challenges from decades ago. One that I brought up was how to handle smokers and non-smokers in a classroom. Yes, smoking was allowed in offices and classrooms at that time. So, the decision was do you create a Smokers’ Table in the classroom or have people integrated throughout? And, if you had a Smokers’ Table (or side of the room), were you fostering an In Group/Out Group in the program? It was actually quite a challenge and design decision in those days.

Elliott Masie

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