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753 - Taking the Train, Huge Learning Options, Last Minute Choices

Learning TRENDS by Elliott Masie - October 11, 2012.
#753 - Updates on Learning, Business & Technology.
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1. Taking a Train to Orlando - Learning on the Rails!
2. The Reality of Last Minute Registration :)
3. Handling Huge Learning Options?

1. Taking a Train to Orlando - Learning on the Rails! I have a habit of taking an overnight train from the Northeast to Orlando for Learning 2012 every year. Train, Training, Learning - well they do sort of go together. For me, the 18 hour ride from Washington, DC to Orlando, FL involves a personal retreat, relaxation and reflection time. I just booked my mini-bedroom - with sofa and fold down bed - and great views of America on the way. I use the time to think, work on my keynote speech, re-read books by General Powell, Susan Cain and Charles Duhigg, format questions and ponder about learning. Slowing down is just as important as speeding up as a learner. And, if you are located on the Amtrak tracks from DC to Orlando, send me a note and I’d be glad to call and chat - or maybe wave out the window to you. I’m leaving DC at 3 pm next Tuesday.

And, a personal fantasy. Someday, I’d love to organize a Train for Training & Learning, which would have 100 colleagues and we would travel around America, visiting each other’s workplaces and use one of the cars as a Learning Lab. Wow. All Aboard!

2. The Reality of Last Minute Registration :) We are also in the midst of last minute registration time. In the “older days”, most people finalized their conference plans 4 weeks out. But, every few minutes, we are taking another last minute registration for Learning 2012.  We are at 1,489 and it will grow every day for the next week and a half. We are agile about this shift in last minute planning. So, we shifted our Advance Registration Discounts to right before the event. And, today, I had to personally guarantee a block of Disney Rooms, since their system will not hold open rooms 10 days before an event. But, we don’t mind holding those rooms to deal with last minute decision making processes in so many of our companies. But, if you are planning on coming, please act quickly. Almost all of the rooms on Disney Property are sold out other than our Learning 2012 block and we have special details on how to get these rooms.  For information go to:

3. Handling Huge Learning Options? One issue that is rolling through my brain is the need for our learners to have ever more maturity and sophistication in weaving through and choosing the most appropriate learning options offered at work. We have gone from a set curriculum in many companies to a much wider set of formal and user-driven learning resources. On one level this is great. But, what are the skills and models for learners to process and weave their way through an exponentially larger set of learning choices? And, what can organizations do to build this capacity? We will be exploring the implications of great learning choices in massive learning “option-land” at Learning 2012 and other MASIE Center programs.

Yours in Learning,

Elliott Masie
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